High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Board certified neurologist Stasha Gominak, MD discusses the reason why you ought to consider mouth tape during sleep. Then we catch up with fitness professional Adrianne Nina to discuss how she used mouth tape, breath holds and other breathing practices to help folks on their fitness journey.

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Conversation with Dr. Gominak: https://youtu.be/74F22bjBmqE

Video chat with Adrianne Nina: https://youtu.be/Dx7eYHBRD4Q

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There's a lot of focus on antibodies in the media lately, but T cell immunity might be even more important. In today's show we explore the physiology and science you need to know.

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Link to video and images:


T cell Assay: https://www.t-detect.com

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Let's breakdown the pros and cons of the four main Intermittent Fasting approaches, from time restricted feeding (TRF), to the 5:2 fasting and Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) and more.

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3u7cqJi

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Sauna therapy has been shown to improve the functioning of the microcirculation, brain, immune system heart and more.

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Link to science: https://bit.ly/3gyJyFN

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We unpack several new studies finding regular exercise is linked with reduced chances of hospitalization, ICU time and death from COVID-19 and beyond.

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Link to Video & Notes: https://bit.ly/3gymOpk



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Lets discuss the natural course of immunity and immunologic memory to SARS-CoV-2 and compare and contrast that (natural immunity) to the immunity offered by The Shots currently available.

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3gnIaWL

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Researchers say fat issue (adipose) is as a reservoir during viral infections, today we discuss the details. 

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/2PMz0YZ

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Patrick McKeown is the best selling author of many books on breath. Today he shares tips about female breathing, low back pain, anxiety, insomnia and more.

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Link to show notes, books and more: https://bit.ly/3uwveBG

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The CDC released the mortality data from 2020, Heart Disease and Cancer claimed 3.7X more lives than Coronavirus and are top risk factors. We discuss this and some new studies on DHEA.

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Link to show notes: https://highintensityhealth.com/cdc-heart-disease-and-cancer-still-leading-caused-of-death-in-2020

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James Nestor, author of Breath reveals why nasal breathing during sleep and exercise is so important.

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Breath is a must read book: https://amzn.to/2KdREFV

Link to Full Interview: https://youtu.be/r9brGbPGJeY

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Since sauna bathing has many health benefits, especially for the heart, brain and immune system. In today’s podcast we explore some of the research.

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3fywQq8

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My Mom just turned 64 so we reviewed her most recent blood work focusing on markers of metabolic health (triglycerides, insulin, DHEA, LDL-C, Ferritin, liver enzymes, LDH and more.)

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Link to show notes and video: https://bit.ly/3lTlQox

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While scientists say C*VID and Obesity is a Pandemic wrapped into an Epidemic, Krispy Kreme offers Americans free donuts and the media reports on it as though it’s a good thing--yikes!

We review why this is scientifically not good and the provide evidence of healthy lifestyle change: https://bit.ly/2P1f4Ro

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Biden's stumble is a reminder about the importance of leg strength as we age.

Various studies have correlated leg strength with healthy ageing, so I thought this ‘current event’ was a good reminder opportunity to discuss and review.

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3s4T8Di

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Michael Daignault, MD is an ER Physician in LA County. (He knows how serious C*-19 can be.) He’s also a believer that exercise is essential business, because fitness reduces stress and risk factors linked with severe disease! (And the science clearly shows gyms are not a significant source of infections.)

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Link to Show Notes and Video: https://bit.ly/3tz4P5v

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Deanna and I dive into the pros and cons of Zone 2 VS Interval training.

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Connect with Glenn: https://www.saunatimes.com

Key Time Stamps: 

03:09 Glenn practices the Finnish tradition of sauna building.
06:01 Infrared sauna is not a real sauna, according to Glenn.
08:25 The heat up and cool down from sauna are equally important.
11:40 Authentic saunas are most often placed next to lakes in Finland.
15:40 Glenn likes a Friday Happy Hour sauna session to end his work week. Finns traditionally do a Wednesday and a Saturday sauna.
17:52 Sauna can be a vehicle for socialization.
19:40 In Finland, sauna is always done naked, so genders are segregated. In Germany, they sauna naked and co-ed. In the US we sauna in swimsuits and go co-ed.
22:06 Minnesota has a generational tradition of sauna. There are small pockets of generational sauna communities in the US.
24:33 There are mobile saunas. 30:35 Building your own sauna requires W.I.T.: will, information and time. Build at your own pace.
34:07 Building your own is rewarding. Customize and create what you want.
38:00 “Every sauna has its own soul.” The maker of the sauna creates the soul.
46:10 Properly ventilated air, which subtly moves across your body, feels hotter than the ambient temperature. Vents can be added later.
49:22 You can start with a shed or carve it into your garage.


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Two new studies find majority of C*VID-19 hospitalizations and deaths were preventable, Ketogenic diet changes LDL-C in women and Breath Work updates. 

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Link to research mentioned: https://bit.ly/3qtKM6B

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A Pediatrician from Sweden quits amid backlash for reporting actual ICU and death data in kids under 16 years of age in Sweden. (Only 15 children were admitted to the ICU for COVID-related complications in a country of 1.9 million children where schools remained open.) 

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3ego6Ev

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Fat researcher shares new discoveries about fasting, body fat, energy restriction and metabolic rate.

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3kIgmMT

-----------------------------------------Show Notes--------------------------------------


00:00 Intro


04:00 Intermittent fasting is a good solution for stubborn fat. 04:15 Your diet has to work for you for the long run: psychologically, biologically and sociologically.

06:38 Fat is a complex endocrine organ, like the thyroid and adrenal glands.

06:56 Fat produces critical hormones that your body depends upon, like leptin.

07:03 When you lose fat you get lower levels of leptin, which binds with your hypothalamus and your skeletal muscle.

07:55 When skeletal muscle notices less leptin, it burns fewer calories.

09:48 Your genetics may cause you to have to work harder to keep off or lose weight.

10:15 Viruses, age, gender and hormones impact weight. Our fat busting hormones decline with age.

14:00 How your body responds to a food is individual.

14:50 Prolonged overnight fasting prolongs the effects of fat buster, growth hormone.

15:12 With intermittent fasting you get more glucagon, more leptin (so you feel more satiated), and more willpower for making better choices.

16:35 Staying low calorie all day never gives you a sense of satisfaction, leading to increased failure of diet.

19:14 Subcutaneous fat is under your skin. Visceral fat, under the stomach wall, leads to problems with the immune system, diabetes, and heart disease. Brown fat burns calories during cold exposure and beige fat that can turn into brown.

19:42 Visceral fat cells become hypoxic, sending signals of duress and your immune system responds with inflammation, which interferes with insulin signaling.

20:50 Fat releases adiponectin which guides the fat you eat and the fat you release to the right places in your body; to be stores as subcutaneous rather than visceral.

21:22 Sumo wrestlers have subcutaneous fat, not visceral. They exercise 6 – 7 hours per day, releasing higher levels of adiponectin.

22:13 About 2 hours of aerobic activity per day can move your fat to the right areas.

23:30 To see if you have visceral fat, lay on your back and a paunch on your stomach stays there, that is visceral fat. 25:35 Ancestral famines create a thrifty genotype which causes you to hold fat for later.

29:30 Viruses can make animals fat. Some cross into humans. 38:10 You need to be in the right mindset to lose weight.

40:50 HIIT in the evening while fasting busts through weight loss plateaus for Dr. Tara.

41:25 Temptation bundling: Bring something pleasurable into your workout to enhance your ability to create a habit.

43:48 A habit is more reliable than willpower. Reducing the number of decisions you make during the day reduces decision fatigue.

44:16 Successful dieters can get back on their diet the next day. Perfect isn’t the goal.

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Today we’re diving into some new studies that show how brief periods of inactivity (so called immobilization studies) worsen blood sugar control.

Link to show notes and research: https://bit.ly/3kkh7eC

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Here's a link to show notes and resources: https://bit.ly/2OVcgVK

I'm a believer having some basics to prepare for uncertain water and food situations, so hopefully you find these resources helpful! 


PETZL Headlamp https://amzn.to/3u65Wux

Jetboil Stove: https://amzn.to/3dhKnBo

Liquid Iodine: https://bit.ly/3k30zYr

SteriPen: https://amzn.to/3bcjz2U

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More scientists are suggesting it's time we address nutrition and exercise to reduce the severity of infections.

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Link to Show Notes and Research: https://bit.ly/3a8q2MG

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Neurologist, Stasha Gominak, MD is back to discuss regulators of sleep--sleep switches--and ways to repair them, naturally.

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Link to Video and Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3cKZrXO

Key Time Stamps: 

06:25 Sleep disorders expedite ageing, even in children.
07:40 Sleep disorders are an endocrinologic disorder.
12:20 Pantothenic acid is made only by your microbiome.
12:50 Sleep apnea and insomnia are characterized by poor body chemistry for sleep.
13:25 We have 4 complicated linked sleep switches.
14:52 Vitamin D feeds the gut bugs that make B vitamins and the vagus nerve directly connects our gut bugs to our brains.
18:10 Dr. Stasha Gominak sees sleep apnea, requiring c-pap is an end stage disease.
20:20 Every night the tongue sends feedback signals directing growth to the brain.
21:15 When the mouth is open during sleep, the jaw and the rest of the face will not develop normally.
22:00 The chemistry of the brain plays a part in sleep disordered children.
29:40 Vitamins don’t fix people. You need to be asleep to apply them to repair.
36:40 B Vitamins play a huge role in our sleep.
37:40 B vitamins come from gut bugs, not your food.
42:30 The 8 B vitamins are created as an 8-pack in specific ratios.
46:00 B5 paralyzes us for sleep.
52:20 Children who develop autism have an abnormal immune system and microbiome and are deficient in acetylcholine and endocannabinoids.
55:50 Normal sleep is needed to improve the functioning of an autistic child.
01:11:13 If you have autoimmune disease, each immunization risks flaring the condition.
01:23:49 Acetylcholine is responsible for our ability to concentrate during the day and responsible for our ability to enter sleep, stay in sleep and get paralyzed in sleep.
01:27:40 Acetylcholine is a major player in the parasympathetic nervous system/rest and digest.
01:30:02 Improper heartrate variability means that your sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive.
01:32:36 Acetylcholine, not only acts like a neurotransmitter, it acts as an anti-inflammatory hormone.
01:35:08 Some scientist believe that ADD, as well as autism, is a disease of acetylcholine deficiency.
01:38:00 Your microbiome makes your serotonin, using vitamin D and pyridoxine.
01:41:10 Vitamin D2 is not the same as vitamin D3.
01:44:00 A vitamin D blood level of between 60 – 80 is optimal for a sleep disordered person.
01:44:50 The accurate vitamin D testing method is the LCMS.
01:54:37 Vitamin D works directly upon the pituitary.
01:55:40 1,25-OH is directly linked to the repair of DNA damage resulting from UVB light hitting the skin.
01:56:30 Each hormone in your body is designed to have a unique affect on each organ that has that receptor.
01:59:00 Dr. Gominak has a workbook on her website for you to use.

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In today's show, we unpack the science about immunometabolism and it's connections with severe outcomes of the Coronavirus.

Link to research: https://bit.ly/bad-diet-worsens-corona

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Scientists finally say what us ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been saying since January 2020: your diet and lifestyle is linked to immune system health.

Today we unpack the details and more

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Link to Video & Science: https://youtu.be/Y6ULhj7GoGo

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Cynthia Monteleone, a mother of three in her mid 40s, shares nutrition and exercise tips to help you get in shape with less time.

This show is brought to you by Health Code! https://gethlth.com The makers of the very tasty Complete Meal, formulated by Ben Bikman, PhD
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Research says shorter-duration but higher-intensity exercises like sprints, have more health benefits and save time VS long-slow distance exercise.

Cynthia Monteleone offers nutrition and exercise for staying young and vibrant as you age. She’s a mother of three in her mid 40s.

You can learn more about:

-Why shorter but more intense exercise bouts actually burn more fat
-How to practically start sprinting (if you’re a non-runner)
-Meat for women over 40
-Fueling these exercises with low-carb, real foods

Link to show notes and video: https://bit.ly/3sElkxE

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Katherine Eban is the author of several amazing books exposing half-truths in the generic drug industry and more. 

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Links to notes and books: http://bit.ly/2LY5qwY

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Support your body’s declining Vitamin D level this winter with new D3 Absorb by MYOXCIENCE: bit.ly/vitamin-d3-absorb
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Link to studies and video we mention: bit.ly/3oOqntb

Link to video on testing Acetone for monitoring Fat Loss: https://youtu.be/IOCsaE5aul8

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Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey faces major blowback for telling Americans they should stop eating processed trash and take responsibility for their health.  Twitter had a melt down. People seemingly don't want to hear that eating Pop Tarts and Sugar Cookies are connected to their dis-ease(s).

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Link to Video: https://youtu.be/41b3pkw8TPw

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Loss of smell is a clue to upcoming “pre-clinical” neurodegenerative disease.

Curiously, loss of smell associated with post-COVID-19 may be exacerbated in folks who have pre-existing cognitive impairment.

Here's some science: https://bit.ly/38Un8cy

Support your Thymus Health: https://myoxcience.com/collections/new-2020-formulas

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