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Parasite expert, Moises seems to have unearthed the reason why inflammatory diseases are so rampant today: our immune system has a broken off switch.

Parasites used to be the “brakes” of our immune system.

“We’ve outsourced our immune tolerance to them,” he says.

(In order for parasites to thrive in our bodies, they tricked our immune system into thinking they weren’t there.)

But, now they’re gone…

Asthma, allergies, autoimmunity and neuroinflammatory diseases are on the rise.

Parasites even make the microbiome more diverse, according to new research.

Moises is is the author of a best selling book on microbes called Epidemic of Absence.

His research and book cleared up many missing links in my mind about immunology and microbes, I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

Here are some key takeaways:


02:16 How Parasitic Worms (Helminths) Shape Our Immune System:

06:20 T-Reg Cells and Immune Tolerance:

08:27 Helminths Regulate Hormones: 

28:03 Parasites and the Gut Microbiome:

30:32 Parasites and Autoimmunity

Integrative psychiatrist Kelly Brogan (MIT and Cornell trained) came on the podcast to chat about her new book, A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives, a top 20 seller of all books sold on Amazon.


Here are some key highlights:


- Antidepressants modify the hard wiring of your brain’s neuronal synapses, which render the antidepressants ineffective but also induce a refractory depressive state.


- 85 percent of unmedicated folks recover within a year.


- A single dose of an antidepressant can change the brain’s chemistry within three hours.


- Antidepressant use is linked with a high relapse rate, which is linked to how disruptive the medication is to the brain.


- The most powerful path to our brain—and peace of mind—is through our gut.


- Depression and all of its manifestations are glitches in the immune system and inflammatory pathways.

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High fat diets are all the rage these days.

Science clearly shows that it was carbs, not fats, that’s causing the World obesity crisis.

But is a high fat diet (and being in a state of nutritional ketosis )the answer for everyone?

Should you avoid carbohydrates all altogether; or strategically “cycle carbs” to keep your body in balance?

I brought guest expert Dr. David Jockers to help you understand these key points.

Dr. Jockers has helped hundreds of patients find that high-fat diet “sweet spot.”

Although it’s different for everyone, he lays out a framework in this podcast that will help cut your learning time in half.

Key Highlights:

18:40 Ketones in the Brain
33:01 Post Meal Blood Sugar for Ketosis
35:24 Carbohydrate Cycling
41:50 Ketogenic Diet Misconceptions

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