High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Jason Wachob, is the Founder and CEO of mindbodygreen, the leading independent media brand dedicated to wellness with 10 million monthly unique visitors.

Here are a few highlights:

06:38 Jason’s Advice to Entrepreneurs: He believes in big ideas and saw Mind Body Green as something that could be big. In 2007 they had the idea and 2009 they officially launched. It took 3 years of hard work and sacrifice on the part of his partners and family to make it work. Building a powerful brand takes time. Trust takes years to build, seconds to lose and a lifetime to regain. It took a great deal of passion and dedication. Jason says to entrepreneurs that whatever you are doing always takes longer than you think. You have to be comfortable with ambiguity, because you will be operating without all of the information you want or need. Your problems don’t go away, they just change.

11:02 Lessons Learned from Experts: Everyone is different. We are all individuals and we change. For Jason, having a gratitude practice is huge. When Jason first awakens, he says thank you silently for each of the important things in his life. Hard work will get you far, as will the spiritual awareness, but the magic happens somewhere in the middle.

15:45 Mindfulness in Business: Bridgewater, one of the biggest hedge funds in the world, led by Ray Dalio, huge meditator. If you work at Bridgewater, it is strongly encouraged that you learn meditation as a means to achieve results. Meditation is viewed as a performance booster. Meditation helps us to manage (not eliminate) stress. It has seeped into corporate culture.

19:15 Mind/Body Practice: Find a mind/body practice that works for you to manage stress. It is essential to survival. For Jason, that’s meditation. He used to do yoga every day. As the Mindbodygreen business grew, his yoga practice diminished. He decided that he could not compromise his health and wellbeing. He committed to doing yoga on the weekends for 15 or 20 minutes at home. Jason does meditation every day for 20 minutes repeating his mantra over and over. Occasionally he does it twice a day, but he never misses a day. It has been a powerful game changing.

21:42 Meditation: There are 4 or 5 main types of meditation. Vedic is a form of meditation where you repeat a mantra, a word that has no meaning over and over in your head. It tunes out and drives focus. There is also posana silent meditation and breath oriented meditation.

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Marco is a data scientist and founder of www.hrv4training.com. In this episode we talk about using self-tracking tools to monitor exercise recovery and life stress.

Here are some key highlight:

02:11 Heartrate Variability and the Parasympathetic Nervous System: 

05:04 High Heartrate Variability:

06:50 Athletes and HRV:

12:13 Measuring HRV:

19:02 The HRV4Training AP:

21:29 Untrained VS Trained:

24:14  Why Measure Your HRV? 

26:07 Diet/Nutrition and HRV: 

26:56 Training Modalities and HRV4Training:

31:07 When HRV Becomes Lower:

39:08 Becoming an HRV4Training Coach:


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Aging gracefully is a catchphrase that’s been going around for a while …

But does anti-aging have any substance or meaning, or is it just marketing hype?

To answer this question, I caught up with sought-after, NYC-based Frank Lipman, MD, to talk

Dr. Lipman has written four best-selling books (two are related to aging) and has helped many people in their 50s and 60s feel young again.

As a South African-trained doctor, he’s got a unique perspective about optimizing health and preventing disease.

He shares his smart advice after 30+ years of practicing medicine in NYC:

Here are a few key points:

12:12 The ancient herb berberine

08:41 South African diets and low-carb

20:37 Treating hormones

27:49 The importance of sleep and brain function

32:05 Electronic sundown

36:43 Supplements for aging

37:18 Ubuntu and aging (concept and purpose)

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Here are a few key takeaways from the interview:

01:01 Skinny Fat and Brain Health
04:39 Elevated Blood Sugar’s Impact upon the Brain
08:28 Minimizing Risk for Diabetes and Alzheimer’s
10:01 Diet and Cognitive Function
13:12 Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting
20:05 Olive Oil and the Brain
28:25 The APOE-ε4 Gene SNP- New Updates
34:32 Tips to Optimize Brain Health and Function
42:40 Dairy and Neurologic Issues

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Dr. Tyna Moore is recognized as an authority in the application of natural pain solutions and regenerative injection therapies to treat all varieties of musculoskeletal conditions. As both a board certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic conditions.

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