High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Greg Anderson discusses strategies he leans on to support his mental health after spending a decade in the Special Operations/Para-Military community with 14 overseas deployments.

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Video Greg made that cost him his job: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_0t-MLJlbA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Connect with Greg:

Greg's jiu jitsu Gym: https://www.theelectricnorth.com

Endless Endeavor Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/endless-endeavor-with-greg-anderson/id1520461765


0:00 Intro

05:27 Mental Health right now

08:38 Social Isolation and depression

11:07 Blasts and blast overpressures

22:25 Imposter Syndrome

28:52 The video that got Greg Fired

57:00 The state of Censorship

01:01:03 Greg did a 10 day fast to start the year. It kicked his butt.

01:06:25 Once you realize that you can fast for days at a time, you don’t mind missing a meal.

01:08:35 A study of people asthma found that doing 12 days of alternate weekday fasting cut the need for asthma medicines.

01:10:05 To compliment alternate day fasting, athletic people would be advised to eat high protein (keto/carnivore).

01:10:55 Our ancestors ate locally seasonal and we could too.

01:11:42 What your long-ago ancestors ate influences the efficacy of your diet.

01:14:05 Refined carbs and the combination of refined carbs with fat are not found in nature.

01:18:50 Big food wants us to believe in the power of calories rather than carbohydrates. 01:22:40 Masking to prevent viral spread in non-healthcare settings does not have strong support data.

01:24:41 It is healthy to question everything. Who is paying the expert?

01:25:45 Schools have your child for 6 hours a day and exert a great influence.

01:29:14 The majority of people who go through gender reassignment at a young age regret it later.

01:36:06 Cold thermogenesis is a good stress that favorably affects the immune system. It causes mitochondria within your fat cells to enrich.

01:38:29 Try to stay in the cold shower as long as you can. Listen to your body. Make a cold shower part of your routine.

01:52:03 You should be taping your mouth to enhance your sleep. Some experts say that you should tape your mouth during exercise.

02:02:19 In disease, your genetics load the gun, but your environment pulls the trigger. 02:07:46 antibody testing: Use the IGG to SARS COVI2. The decay of the antibodies is different for everyone. Mike had his done through Lab Corp.

02:10:19 Memory T-cell immunity has been shown to last 18 years so far. This immunity can cross over to viruses in the same family.

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A new study found long-lived plasma cells in the bone marrow of previously infected subjects.

We discuss the details about these critical immune cells and why prioritizing nutrition and health matters even more now.

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Link to T cell Immunity Deep Dive: https://bit.ly/3tRbuYM

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New research highlights a critical interplay between autophagy and gut health, specifically with regard to supporting the integrity of the gut barrier.

Today we dive into the details! 

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We discuss the CDC’s abrupt change in the face mask guidance for folks who’ve been immunized. We’re examining this because it seems to harm the CDC’s credibility. Just days prior to this guidance change, their director, Dr Rochelle Walensky argues that now’s not the time, suggesting that cases are trending in the wrong direction and the data is far from settled. 

We also discuss new autophagy research as it relates to gut health as well as new exciting studies on exercise.

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Best selling author Shawn Stevenson discusses how processed foods weaken the body and mind as well as our relationships. It's a fascinating discussion.

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Board certified neurologist Stasha Gominak, MD discusses the reason why you ought to consider mouth tape during sleep. Then we catch up with fitness professional Adrianne Nina to discuss how she used mouth tape, breath holds and other breathing practices to help folks on their fitness journey.

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Conversation with Dr. Gominak: https://youtu.be/74F22bjBmqE

Video chat with Adrianne Nina: https://youtu.be/Dx7eYHBRD4Q

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There's a lot of focus on antibodies in the media lately, but T cell immunity might be even more important. In today's show we explore the physiology and science you need to know.

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T cell Assay: https://www.t-detect.com

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