High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

John Limansky, MD discusses the many ways to optimize your body's fat burning metabolism with diet and lifestyle.

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About this Show:

Eating too much fat is a common mistake many people make when they first embrace a low-carb, ketogenic way of eating is eating.

Although fat loss is often the primary goal for going keto in the first place, striving to “hit your fat macros” can, well.... actually slow fat loss.

John Limanksy, MD discusses why elevated ketones on blood tests doesn’t always mean enhanced body-fat loss.

In this chat he reveals the details and ways to burn-more body fat without having to stuff oneself with fat-bombs.

Check it out the video and show notes: http://bit.ly/2wlSOVa

Here's a few things we discuss more about:

• Dr. Limanski’s most valuable biomarkers for fat-loss & blood sugar health
• Why nutrition is only ~ 70% of the answer to our health issues
• Exogenous ketones and MCT oil applications in fasting
• Micronutrient dense foods VS macronutrient balance

Hope you gather some helpful insights!



P.S. Check it out the video and show notes: http://bit.ly/2wlSOVa


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Addiction expert and former alcoholic Dr. Paul Thomas is presenting meaningful strategies to kick addictions for good in this hour long chat.

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-------------------Key Takeaways--------------------

02:02 Dr. Thomas is an alcoholic in recovery for 15 years.

06:00 Many adolescent patients with ADD, ADHD, anxiety or depression tend to self-medicate, so Dr. Thomas started an addiction clinic.

06:28 Teens do not need to be put on long-term medication.

08:48 Addicted teens and young adults have difficulty with 12 step programs. 

13:26 Addiction is a spectrum. You can move yourself to safety by doing certain things.

15:50 Little or random use of marijuana triggers schizophrenia, psychotic behavior or paranoia for some of us.

16:22 Those of us who drink heavily and do not detox can trash their bodies to the point of death in 3 to 5 years.

16:34 People who use meth age decades in just years.

18:48 Dr. Thomas prefers to treat with natural treatments.

19:41 About 1/3 to ½ of Dr. Thomas’ patients who are meth or heroin addicts are former ADD/ADHD kids. Many were never treated.

22:30 Screen addiction: You receive constant fight/flight triggers from your screens. It’s frying our brains.

27:19 We trade addictions.

32:11 It took 5 years for Dr. Thomas to be around alcohol without it bothering him.

35:41 Support systems are important to sobriety and maintaining sobriety long-term. Dr. Thomas still goes to meetings.

38:08 Treatment saves lives. The addict must want sobriety.

43:01 A ketogenic diet normalizes the GABA to glutamate ratio and lessens cravings.

51:26 The book Knowing How by Julie Valenti contains 20 concepts for rewiring your brain to new pathways, releasing you from old maladaptive pathways.

54:03 Alcohol is an addictive poison.

55:55 There are 115 deaths per day from opiate overdose. We have no solution.

57:44 Dr. Thomas has a 13 point plan in his book.

01:02:22 Dr. Thomas’ desert island nutrient for addiction is vitamin D.

01:04:07 Dr. Thomas’ recommended morning routine for addicts is to stay off cell phone and email. Drink a tall glass of water and meditate.

01:08:25 Dr. Thomas’ strategy for approaching an addict is to share his story.



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Miriam Kalamian is the author of Keto for Cancer, a guide with tips and strategies for using the keto diet for cancer management.

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Back in 2007, Miriam leveraged the ketogenic diet to help shrink her seven year old son’s brain tumor. Instead of moving him to palliative care as the doctors suggested, Miriam and her husband ramped up their nutrition even further to help her son live seven more good years—much longer than doctors thought was possible.

She’s since helped hundreds of cancer patients change their diet and lifestyle to help their body surmount cancer, naturally.

Hope you enjoy the show, 


---------Key Timestamps---------------


11:46 Miriam accidentally discovered the therapeutic ketogenic diet as her 7 year old son, with a brain tumor, was about to enter palliative care.

12:49 After 3 months of a ketogenic diet and a weak chemo drug, the tumor shrank by 10 to 15%.

14:40 They were doing the diet incorrectly, using keto and caloric restriction, yet it worked.   

16:42 Caloric restriction during ketosis impacts angiogenesis. 

18:04 Starving cancer of glucose is the simple view. There are metabolic pathways that are dysregulated in cancer, like the mTOR pathway. 

19:26 The ketogenic diet is a systems approach. 

20:24 Limiting protein is essential to a successful ketogenic diet for cancer. If protein is not limited, mTOR is stimulated throughout the system. With cancer treatment, keep mTOR upregulation specific to muscle tissue. 

24:28 There is room for eating seasonal fruit, berries and vegetables on the ketogenic diet. 

25:30 Miriam has seen the worst cancer outcomes in people who eat 10 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.   

28:51 There is more thermogenesis when you burn fat.

30:54 1.0 grams per kilogram of body weight is sufficient protein. 

32:48 Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding need to work with a specialist if they are doing a ketogenic diet for any reason. 

36:30 High fat diet studies do not use ketogenic diets.   

43:43 There is a short comment period for the government dietary guidelines that ends that the end of March. Comment!

44:54 The brain needs the energy equivalent of 130 grams of sugar, not 130 grams of carbohydrates. Sixty to 70 percent of this need can be met with ketones. Our bodies make the needed glucose.

46:50 A modified Atkins or a more liberalized ketogenic diet, is about 12 milligrams per deciliter higher in glucose on the average, which may mean the difference between a tumor growing or not growing.

47:21 Cancer robs glutamine from its neighbors.

49:45 Press Pulse Therapy is being researched for management of glutamine.

52:42 Keto is not the cure for cancer. It is an adjunct therapy.

53:06 In brain cancer, the results of ketogenic diet therapy is dramatic and people live many years past the initial prognosis.

54:36 You change the terrain to be inhospitable to cancer growth. It is not just about doing the ketogenic diet, but changing the lifestyle.

56:53 The ketogenic diet brought Miriam and her husband 6 ½ years of good quality of life time with their son before he died.

58:28 There may be cancers that do not respond to the ketogenic diet.

01:00:38 Drug therapies cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.   

01:03:33 Fasting helps with housekeeping, clearing out dead cells. 

01:05:01 In a case study in Egypt of glioblastoma multiforme and Keto

01:07:23 Temozolomide (Temodar) may give methylating patients 2 ½ months.  

01:15:00 A Diet Skeptics and Saboteur presentation is on Miriam’s website.

01:15:58 A ketogenic diet has potential for improving quality of ageing. 

01:22:18 Strong abs or a daily walk makes for less constipation.   

01:25:22 How you sit on the toilet makes a difference in defecation.   

01:26:25 The advised morning routine for someone with cancer. 

01:33:28 Miriam’s favorite herbs or nutrients

01:35:04 Miriam’s elevator pitch

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