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Sought-after TED speaker, low-carb physician and researcher Sarah Hallberg, MD, is conducting research (in humans, not rats) to help us better understand how low-carb high-fat (LCHF) or ketogenic diets affect our metabolism and heart.

Hallberg et al. recently reported that LCHF diets don’t clog arteries as we might have expected; instead, they actually decrease parameters linked to heart disease.

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In this new show, Dr. Hallberg discusses the details:

After following the “standard of care,” Dr. Hallberg witnessed her overweight and diabetic patients getting sicker and more dependent on medications.

Since she shifted her “prescription” to diet and exercise, her patients are healthier and drug-free.

Watch the interview: https://highintensityhealth.com/231


--------------------------- Key Timestamps-----------------------------


03:50 When Dr. Hallberg opened a low carbohydrate clinic, they quickly saw weight loss and reversal of diabetes.

05:51 Dr. Hallberg is part of the largest and longest trial of nutritional ketosis as a treatment to reverse type 2 diabetes.

07:40 Exercise, low carb and keto are now considered as treatment options for obesity.

08:42 Medications for diabetes treated symptoms, but not the progression of the disease.. Each step up in medication speeds the cycle.

13:29 Continuous glucose monitors allow you and your doctor to see what blood sugars are doing between finger sticks..

16:28 Remote Care/Telemedicine gives better care remotely by personalizing an individual’s care.  It brings care to the patient.

19:35 Virtahealth is available in all 50 states.

20:35 Most Americans have some sort of metabolic issue. Over 50% of adults in the US have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

24:12 With nutritional ketosis, you can reverse diabetes AND improve cardiovascular risk factors, such as significant decreases in blood pressure, significant increases in good cholesterol/HDL, and a significant decrease in triglycerides.

26:41 A better cardiovascular risk marker than LDL is LDL-P for type 2 diabetics or those with insulin resistance.

27:18 Inflammation markers, especially C-reactive protein (CRP), decreased by 40% over the study year.

33:38 It is best to consume 3 to 5 grams of sodium a day

34:25 Patients in the study with high blood pressure had reduced blood pressure while reducing blood pressure medications and at the same time, consuming more salt.

35:48 Biomarkers most commonly used at Virtahealth are blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and serum ketones.

36:10 Serum ketone goals are above 0.5 mml of beta hydroxybutyrate. There may be a role in ketosis even at lower levels.

36:34 Diabetes medications lower blood sugar acutely, but cardiovascular outcomes were not improved. With SGLT-2 inhibitors, there was improvement with cardiovascular mortality.

38:44 SGLT-2 inhibitors block the SGLT-2 path in the kidney, not allowing reabsorption of glucose, releasing glucose in the urine.

39:55 Metformin affects gut hormones and the microbiome, and has few side effects.

41:09 The American Diabetes Association guidelines are not evidence based.

42:00 DASH diet, recommended by the American Diabetes Association can make diabetes worse.

47:58 We need to change the dietary guidelines to ensure that they are evidence based upon a rigorous systematic scientific process.

50:51 For proper meta-analysis, you need to pay attention of the inclusion criteria. Sometimes studies that do not meet criteria are included and others that do meet criteria are omitted.

55:56 Dr. Hallberg’s optimal morning routine includes black coffee and an early email check. She feeds her kids fat and protein and packs their lunches. 

59:55 Dr. Hallberg’s favorite low carb/high fat food is pizza with cheese/almond flour crust.

60:45 Dr. Hallberg’s elevator pitch is that our dietary guidelines need to be reformed, as they impact all of us.

Watch the interview: https://highintensityhealth.com/231


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In today’s show, Nina Teicholz spent five years of her life unearthing science that pundits pushing the diet-heart hypothesis hoped no one would find.

\What she found and published in the Big Fat Surprise is, well, shocking…. When, “women go on a low fat diet they might even be increasing their risk of heart disease more than-men,” because their HDL drops and triglycerides increase she said.

Watch the video interview: http://highintensityhealth.com/230

(You normally want high HDL and lowered triglycerides.)

Her book has been vetted by both The Lancet and British Medical Journal—this piece ought to be mandatory nutrition reading for all. Her book and this discussion changed my perception of nutrition advice and science—hopefully it does the same for you.

In this chat you’ll learn more about:

-How biases and personal gain influenced nutrition policy and evidence-based medicine

-What Americans ate at the turn of the 19th century (Hint: it wasn’t kale)

-The truth about dietary fat, mean consumption and heart disease

- Why Canola oil, grape-seed oil and soybean oil shouldn’t be in your kitchen

-Why women shouldn’t go on a low-fat diet

Hope you enjoy!


P.S. Here's the video interview: http://highintensityhealth.com/230

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One of Canada’s leading functional medicine doctors discusses how to “personalize the investigation” and uncover the source of the fatigue and inflammation.

(Sometimes we know we’re inflamed and unwell—because our joints ache, etc.—but learning which tests and tools can help you discover where the fire is coming from can be of use.

Dr. John Dempster can assist you with that.

Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgI9Wa_aCP0

He reveals his top four tests that will help uncover the source of imbalances in your body.

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 Here are a few key timestamps:

02:07 Autoimmune disorders are more prevalent today. One of the reasons is due to improved diagnostics and we use them more often.

03:41 The thyroid is often the target of our immune system because we are exposed to so many toxins, both exogenous and endogenous.

05:49 If you have a familial history of a certain illness or condition, you can take your health under your own control and reduce your risk.

08:50 Beta hydroxybutyrate is a powerful epigenetic modulator, effecting DNA expression and stability.  

09:12Being in ketosis helps all levels of inflammation and insulin control. Diets should always be customized to the individual.

10:48 If a thyroid issue is suspected, Dr. Dempster performs 7 direct thyroid tests on his patients: free T3, free T4, TSH, anti-.TPO, antithyroglobulin, reverse T3 and TSI.

12:12 It is imperative that your doctor look at the gut as a form of diagnostics and treatment, if there is autoimmunity suggested.

13:10 Chelation of metals is not right or necessary for everyone.

19:09 There is no perfect food test. Sometimes reactions are delayed by up to 2 weeks.

21:28 When symptoms abate, it may be time to reintroduce foods, especially health promoting ones. 

22:58 Intestinal permeability, stool analysis and other gut testing is done on all of Dr. Dempster’s patients with chronic disease. It provides a customized roadmap of what is going on in the body.

24:56 If you suspect autoimmunity with gut issues, like Hashimoto’s, you need to  look at all of your major organs, inflammatory markers (hs-CRP), do the 7 thyroid tests, do a micronutrient analysis and core hormone panel. The Dutch test is the most comprehensive hormone test. 

27:33 Adrenal fatigue may be a way your body compensates for systemic inflammation.

31:51 Dr. Dempster is about to launch an online mental wellness community.

33:18 Dr. Dempster’s Morning Routine: He does affirmations, declares 3 things for which he is grateful, has daddy-daughter time, eats breakfast with his family and walks to work.

34:55 Dr. Dempster’s single favorite exercise is pushups, but not everyone can do that. Walking is something everyone can do.

36:12 Dr. Dempster’s favorite nutrient is turmeric/curcumin for its gut and overall healing effect.. Supplements do not replace eating real food.

37:15 Dr. Dempster’s elevator pitch is that we should have policy that reduces sugar that our children consume at school and reduces refined sugars in our foods across the board.

Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgI9Wa_aCP0


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