High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Emerging data hints that migraines can emerge from low energy states in the brain. Elena Gross, PhD explains more!

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Burning fat for fuel is all the rage online nowadays. But what does is really mean?

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Hopefully after listening to this episode you'll better understand new ways to burn body fat and the hormones involved. 

This Nerd Alert addresses the 1st step in the process, known as lipolysis.

In the net session we'll dive into fat oxidation and fat recycling (which is super interesting!). 

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Homi Shivaie, who's turning 70 year's old, is a long-time coach and powerlifter--he has several clients over the age of 80 years old!

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Learn why he advocates squats, deadlifts and hip-hinges for folks of all ages. (Normally we hear the opposite, "don't load your spine...squatting is bad for your back." etc.. but he'll share why learning to brace via powerlifting.)

He explains why hinging from the hips, leg and back strength is important for everyone--especially as we age!

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