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A stressful day at the office would leave Joanna Wilcox yearning for a binge at a local fast-food joint.

By leveraging the appetite-suppressing effects of the ketogenic diet and using Instagram as an accountability partner, she’s lost over 60 pounds of fat and has built some muscle.

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---Key Timestamps---------------

03:50 Joanna’s behavioral therapy counselor told her to cut carbs, to log what she was eating and count the carbs. Her counselor’s recommendation was for Joanna to consume less than 20 carbs per day. Eventually, it was internet before/after pics of low carb diets that motivated her to try it.
06:31 Joanna went keto/low carb. She tracked what she ate and stuck to her net carbs. In the first 6 months, she lost 45 pounds. The next 6 months she lost 15 pounds. She documented her weigh in on Instagram. Everyone loses at different rates and times.
07:30 Joanna does not test blood or urine ketones. She figures that eating 20 net carbs or less is keto.
08:11 Keto helped Joanna with emotional eating, though she is not sure why. Perhaps it was the leveling of blood sugar and fewer hunger cues. With emotional eating, it feels like you have no control over what you are eating. Joanna had been told that if she was going to eat something because of emotions, to eat something low carb.
10:16 Look inside yourself and determine what you want. Do self-care. Walk.
11:34 Accountability partners help you to make the private public, motivating you and others, as well as providing an emotional outlet. Joanna serves as inspiration for others.
16:08 Tracking marcos are a good first step. By now, Joanna can calculate her macros in her head.
16:53 Joanna’s current goal is to do a 3 minute handstand, a one arm handstand, a pullup and body sculpting.
18:17 Joanna also implements time restricted feeding and exercise, in addition to counting macros.
18:27 You need to move your body. Diet can get you only so far.
19:51 Having a personal trainer helps you learn, make the most out of the time at the gym and pushes you further. You can find effective at home workouts online.
24:50 The four stages for readiness for change:

1. An authority figure, like a doctor, tells you that you must change.

2. Someone close to you is telling you that you need to change/loss weight.

3. You notice the physical effects.

4. Rock bottom is when in your core, you are ready.

29:50 Keto is a huge adjustment in lifestyle. There is sacrifice involved, especially in social situations. Get comfortable.
31:16 Women can get migraines, rashes, hair loss and/or menstrual cycle changes. Joanna got the rash at day 30.
33:33 You can eat out, even at fast food restaurants, and stay keto.
36:40 Tracking and weighing her food was key to Joanna’s success.
37:26 Condensing the feeding window allowed for larger, more enjoyable meals. You still need and get your calories.
38:57 Intuitive eating is influenced by our emotions. Now that Joanna does not have as much fat on her body, she needed to increase her fat intake. Make changes and see how it affects you.


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After experiencing a panic attack on national TV from self-medicating with recreational drugs, Dan turned to meditation as a means to control anxiety and post-traumatic stress. In this show, he teaches you how to meditate, even if you’re a fidgety skeptic.


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---------------------------Key Takeaways---------------------------------

05:08 Meditators are more sensitive to the impacts of food, sleep and environment upon mental acuity.

07:26 The main thing that meditation does for beginners is boost self-awareness.

09:28 Dan created an app called 10% Happier to teach people how to meditate.

10:21 Meditation allows us to respond wisely rather than respond blindly.

14:09 Our ancestors had a hypervigilant pleasure seeking and pain avoiding ego as a survival tool to avoid danger, find adequate food and sexual partners.

15:48 Mindfulness is the ability to step out of the traffic, the cacophony of your own mind. Meditation helps you boost that skill.

17:00 Dan wrote a book and later started a company, both called 10% Happier, to teach people how to meditation with an app. 18:56 Dan’s book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics to tell a fun story, find out what is stopping people, who want to meditate, from meditating and helping them do it, and teach basic meditation.

20:19 The two biggest obstacles to meditating are “I can’t clear my mind.” and “I don’t have time for this.”

21:10 ___________ is my meditation.

23:14 Meditation is sitting quietly, eyes closed and paying attention to the feeling of your breath coming in and going out.

24:43 The point is not feel calm. The point is to learn how to see clearly what is happening in your head so you can navigate it in a more supple way.

28:38 Anger is a passing state of mind.

30:42 Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation are most common today. 35:25 Mindfulness meditation helps you to become aware. 36:43 Walking meditation can be done informally. Feel your legs moving. Notice what you are seeing. Tune into the physical sensations of the activity.

39:17 Meditation is counterintuitive to type-A people. Approach with an attitude of interest and exploration.

40:07 Psychedelic mushrooms may be a mindfulness accelerant. 43:40 Dan doesn’t do woo woo at this point, but he does not rule it out.

46:13 Dan’s Morning Routine: Upon waking he stretches, showers and meditates for 15 minutes. He tries to meditate, combined, 2 hours each day.

50:10 Dan’s Elevator Speech: Meditation is a great way to transcend political tribalism.


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We discuss why gluconeogenesis, that is—creating glucose from lactate, pyruvate and glycerol (from body fat) etc…-- is welcomed and a actually good thing!

Converting body fat into usable energy is, well...a good thing, right?

In this YouTube Live replay we discuss how context is important to remember when we discuss metabolism.

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Today we’re chatting all things building muscle and burning fat with Stan Efferding, the world's strongest professional bodybuilder.

He teaches you how to avoid common mistakes many make when they get into fitness--like under eating foods that harm gut health and doing too much cardio and more! 

Watch the video interview and check out the show notes: http://bit.ly/2IEgng7

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