High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Hope you’re having a great holiday season! (The best you can under the circumstances that is.)

Now for a controversial solo podcast: I had COVID-19

The symptoms for our family were nothing like what the media talks about, so wanted to share this with you.

Links to Show Notes and Research: http://bit.ly/rona-real-talk

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Link to Show Notes, Associated Video and research: https://highintensityhealth.com/hashimotos-and-autoimmune-thyroid-linked-with-poor-gut-health-sibo-says-dr-ruscio/

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New data links Vitamin D to healthful changes in your gut bacteria and immunity.

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Link to video: https://youtu.be/jx0NzNQodSk

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Feeding and fasting at similar times each day can entrain (align) your body’s internal clocks.

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Early adopter of this TRF strategy, Alessandro Ferretti shares the details.

Link to video: https://bit.ly/TRF-sleep

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Researchers say COVID-19 is a Syndemic, not a Pandemic.

We discuss more about what this means and how it changes our approach towards managing the outbreak.

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Link to related Video: https://youtu.be/L-phoIh4kos

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Despite little evidence indicating gyms and fitness centers are a significant source of new infections, policy makers around the world closing them, anyway. We review the immunological costs of these strategies and the many health benefits of regular exercise. 

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Link to live stream video & science: https://youtu.be/yNTfrrwzZ1U

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Save using code HIH at checkoutJames Nestor, author of Breath reveals many intricacies of breathing that are very important for your health.

Full Video & Show Notes: https://youtu.be/r9brGbPGJeY

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Matt Kaeberlein, PhD discusses the buzz about the vaccine lately....

What's not being discussed, however is something renowned longevity researcher Matt Kaeberlein, PhD says is really important to consider:

The vaccine is least likely to work in people who need it most  :-( 

In this short clip, he discusses how your biological age impacts immunity and the effectiveness of a vaccine response. 

P.S. Here's the full-length show discussing ways to improve the age of your immune system: https://bit.ly/3hX9kAz

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Brian Keith and John Robb share fascinating insights about network tribalism and how it’s hurting our social connections.

Link to that show: redbeard.am

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Lockdowns: a Blunt Instrument w/ Lots of Collateral Damage

*Links to science 

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Let's review science showing how sugar impacts immune system health

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Link to Live Video and Studies: https://youtu.be/m36Tmi7vG3w

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Dr. Carrie Jones is discusses why a robust Cortisol Awakening Response (in the morning) is helpful and healthy!

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Link to Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3dSbEIR

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Dr. Ted Naiman will help you decide how long and how frequently to fast without losing muscle mass. 

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Jason Fung, MD explains how the short-term increases in hormones benefits you when you fast.

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Links to full video and show notes: http://bit.ly/2q9OxBX



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A few studies have looked at how fasted exercise impacts the reduction of body fat percentage over time. We review the science and discuss some key takeaways.

Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2FobKLC

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Trump has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. We unpack the science and implications for you and your health freedom. 

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Link to slides and video: https://youtu.be/jsZv_xrK5Nc


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Dr. Sam Madeira discusses natural ways to support declining hormone levels in both men and women. It's a great discussion!

Link to video, show notes and more: https://highintensityhealth.com/hormonal-imbalances-in-women-and-men-are-common-but-not-normal/

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Longevity scientist Matt Kaeberlein, PhD, discusses how reversing your biologic age can dramatically reduce your risk of getting sick from respiratory viruses.

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In today's show, Matt explains how targeting the known mechanisms of aging improves immune health and reduces the risk of many common diseases known to shorten a person’s life span.

Research and Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3hX9kAz

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Scripps Research Institute recently found that elevated room temperature reduced the beneficial metabolic effects of calorie restriction by up to 78 percent!

Link to research: https://bit.ly/2ZU7MBc

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The West Coast of the USA simultaneously catches on fire! WTH?

Fauci quietly endorses vitamin D and Vitamin C saying they can help the immune system.

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Link to notes https://youtu.be/g9rGOLurgmY

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Let's review new science about muscle loss, muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and resistance training training.

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Link to research and video: https://youtu.be/7oKCQbINWgI

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Episode Show Notes and Research: https://bit.ly/3jPklFv

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In today's show Brianna Stubbs, PhD and others are urging us to consider novel approaches, such as dietary strategies that bolster our immune resilience.

Links to research and show notes: https://bit.ly/ketones-immune-system

Related Interview on ImmunoMetabolism: https://youtu.be/bucNAkg0EXA

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In today's show, we're going to review the topic of longevity and cellular aging and why it's important right now--even during an infectious disease pandemic.

Link to Science: https://youtu.be/rRDW0e858rk

➢ Here's part one on Epigenetic Age: https://youtu.be/j_qr13oU8dg

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Dr. Seeds is a board certified surgeon with over 25 years of experience.

In today's show he explores how ketones benefit metabolism and immunity.

Link to Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3l30BzR

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Learn how consuming vegetable oils enriched in linoleic acid might be negatively affecting your health w/ Paul Saladino, MD, author of The Carnivore Code

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Link to Show Notes & Research: https://bit.ly/3kvkFKE


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A series of papers have surfaced linking imbalances in the very pathways we’ve been discussing for years on our podcast and newsletters, and these imbalances can lead to a bigger risk of contracting serious COVID-19.

Link to research: https://bit.ly/33Evrsf

Berberine, metformin and fasting all increase the activity of an important enzyme called AMPK and decrease mTOR.

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In today’s show we’re unpacking new studies linking blood sugar health and the gut, connections with blood sugar elevations and the immune system, expanding on the link with obesity and COVID -19, a new microvascular complication found in COVID-19 and strategies to optimize the cells of your cardiovascular system with exercise and more.

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Yet another study found that obesity increases your odds of dying if you get infected.

Link to study: https://bit.ly/30fKh6i

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Front line physicians are censored yet again, it seems no one is safe, from today’s cancel culture. While I don’t agree with everything that was said in this now pulled video, it’s dangerous that social media platforms are now exerting editorial control over what we consume.

Here's a link to the video and research mentioned: https://bit.ly/30WJBlq

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Ben Bikman, PhD, author of the book “Why We Get Sick,” offers insights into how you can decrease vulnerability to infections and diseases (like heart disease and diabetes) by fine-tuning your blood sugar regulation.

He discusses the reasons why less than 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy and sums up the most effective ways to course-correct blood sugar health woes.

Link to Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2CE5yxz

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A group of respected scientists in the ketone space published this comprehensive summary highlighting the ways ketones can be used as immunometabolic therapies in the context of viral diseases.

Related Video & Article: https://bit.ly/3fKs1qU

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The Coronavirus was the nudge my Mom needed to drop sugar, carbs and give the whole intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet thing a try.

We discuss recipes, sleep enhancing tips and how she encouraged her friends to ditch sugar with her.

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//Today's Show // 

NOTES and VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2ZwEJD2

Cancer researcher Eleanor Rogan, PhD, discusses the details about how your liver can transform your own hormones into cancer-causing compounds (AKA carcinogens).



Briefly, some of us have variable activities of important enzymes that metabolize estrogens in our liver.


Imbalances in these enzymes create “sticky estrogens” that can cause mutations in DNA which, over time, can lead to cancer.


Here are the full details:


Here are some important time stamps!


07:18 How estrogens become carcinogens

10:40 Higher levels of estrogen-DNA adducts in women with ovarian cancer

13:50 If your catechol-O-methyltransferase is not working well, your catechol estrogen can go on to become a quinone and react with DNA.

20:36 Why estrogen-DNA are analogous to taking a step off the DNA ladder

27:02 Men with prostate cancer have high levels of estrogen-DNA adducts.


Hope you gather some insights from this discussion,




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Omega-3 fats are important for brain function and development, especially during pregnancy.

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New studies have found that when mom has a low level of DHA, it can trigger preterm and early preterm birth and lead to a host of health issues for baby.

Kristina Jackson, PhD, an expert in this area, shares new science about how expecting moms can better target their blood DHA levels to reduce rates of early birthing.

Here’s the science and details:

Kristina discusses more about:

-What the omega-3 fatty acid DHA does in the body and where you get it in your diet
-Why Mom’s low DHA level harms her growing baby
-How to test and optimize serum DHA levels
-How to choose a clean DHA product
-Why nuts and seeds don’t increase DHA levels


Link to science and show notes: https://bit.ly/dha-for-pregnancy

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Health is full of context and nuances, not everything is good or bad. Healthy or unhealthy.

In this raw (unedited clip) we discuss why it’s important to consider unintended consequences our public health policy decisions—that have seemly been overlooked.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgEQJ2DHJHs

Sean Croxtons Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-quote-of-the-day-show-daily-motivational-talks/id1163094296


Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow: https://amzn.to/2NhwvsA

Decisive: https://amzn.to/3drWd8i


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Today we discuss all things magnesium, making sense of the different forms and discussing how it impacts the brain.

Dr. James also riffed on some new COVID and immune research regarding vitamin K and D, which I thought was very exciting).

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Fred Grover, MD, says taking a prescription antidepressant doesn’t actually solve the underlying causes of mental health issues and may actually make them worse.

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Link to Show Notes, Books and Video: https://bit.ly/2YxZLAJ

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Jong Rho, MD is a Neurologist, Professor, and Epilepsy Researcher who specializes in studying dietary and metabolic therapies.

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Full show notes: http://highintensityhealth.com/164

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Amber O'Hearn discusses how going on the carnivore diet (plant-free) helped her transition off anxiety and depression medications for good!

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Video with Terrence Floyd: https://www.instagram.com/p/CA0UwGjA3nr/



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Quick lesson from/story about from getting sloppy with my lawn mowing routine--it reminded me how getting lazy costs you in big, unexpected ways. Thought it was the perfect parallel to nutrition.

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Hunger pangs with fasting are quite common and hopefully this short podcast will give you tips to help push through—or at least be aware that they’re expected and normal.

Berberine HCl w/ Biotin and Alpha Lipoic Acid may help

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Link to this video + Science: https://youtu.be/LBFibSz3TTM

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Dr. Jaime Seeman, MD discusses how using ethanol hand sanitizer increases the absorption of chemicals found in store receipts and nutritional strategies to reverse PCOS.

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Danny and Maura Vega have been successfully homeschooling their two children for the past eight years. I’ve met their kids and was really impressed with their vocabulary, and eye contact.

Here's the video interview and full list of the Vega’s tips and homeschooling resources:

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Watch the associated video and get science references: https://youtu.be/FjfvxWswpak

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A recently published, multicenter study suggests we should all pay more attention to our glucose control!

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Links to the research and images: https://bit.ly/blood-sugar-covid

P.S. This audio is from a live-streamed YouTube video I posted on Saturday AM (May 2nd, 2020).

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Food shortages could actually be a realistic concern, emergency preparedness educator, Nancy Hovan Carpenter helps us prepare for the unexpected.

Link to Show Notes, Book Suggestions and Video: https://bit.ly/3eZp3yU

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Direct download: Nancy_Hovan_Carpenter.mp3
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Now’s the time to start sweeping lifestyle change; especially since there’s talk of a second wave hitting this fall.

In this video we discuss the science about why our body composition, diet and lifestyle choices are so important right now.

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Your diet and lifestyle will impact how effectively 'the vaccine' will be for you.

Expanded podcast coming soon....

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Metabolic Monday video: https://youtu.be/ZnDJESWIFQI

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Episode Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2V3yN3p

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Raising your omega-3 index from just three to six percent has been linked to serious cardiovascular disease risk reduction, among other health improvements, according to ample research.

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Omega-3 fatty acid expert, Bill Harris, PhD discusses about how omega-3 fats impact cardiovascular, metabolic and brain health and why you should consider testing your own omega-3 index; which ideally should be between eight and 12 percent.

Test Your Omega-3 Index and Connect with Bill: https://omegaquant.com/

Omega-3 Index Testing w/

Direct download: Bill_Harris_Omega-3_Index.mp3
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Fasting length is a common question as of late…


Video, Research + Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2wVA8jz

P.P.S. Berberine can help kick-start your fast and some say is a ‘poor man’s’ autophagy enhancer: https://bit.ly/3alb5EY

About this Show: 

Is it a good or bad idea to continue with your regular intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting plan with an imminent viral scare abound?

We also discuss some interesting findings about how the drug Chloroquine affects the similar autophagy-related processes that are increased via fasting.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but hope to simplify the known science to help you decide the best path to follow.

Here’s the video + research:

Direct download: Fasting_Rapamycin_COVID-19.mp3
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An exhausted immune system maybe to blame for severe COVID-19 disease states, says new research.

Biomarker data emerging from case reports suggest that immunosenescence (aged immune system) plays a role in the disease progression in those infected with COVID-19;

Since only 15% of subjects who test positive transition to this ‘severe’ disease state, we explore the hypothesis that perhaps immunosenescence is playing a roll.

Check out the show notes + video: https://bit.ly/2UUu7vl

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Jeff Grimm is very versed on the topic of autophagy, longevity and cellular senescence particularly as it relates to immune health.

Normally eyes roll when senescence is mentioned, but with multiple reports coming out showing an age-related decline in immunity is linked with poor COVID-19 outcomes, it’s a timely conversation.

Today’s show is brought to you by Redmond Real Salt, hand-harvested and microplastic free salt:


In today’s show Jeff discusses science-based ways to get rid of these senescent (old) cells—which may help both longevity and immunity.

I know the words may be complex, but the conversation is well worth the listen and we have show notes to help you learn along the way.

Hope you enjoy this deep dive into immunity, longevity, autophagy and more,


P.S. Old cells in the immune system linked with increased disease severity: https://bit.ly/senolytic-therapies-video

P.P.S. Connect with Jeff: https://bioloungepdx.com/

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Scientists at Duke University have been studying how other mammals like bats are seemingly unaffected by coronaviruses (including SARS-CoV).

**This audio was stream live and is un-edited**

Link to associated studies: https://bit.ly/2JlM7ZW

When infected by the same viruses that land humans into the ICU and onto a ventilator, bats mount an early and robust initial immune response but don’t have the ongoing, exaggerated pro-inflammatory response that’s often fatal to us.

Translation: bats have a unique way to throttle down their immunity after an initial burst.

Here’s a video that’ll explain more: https://bit.ly/2JlM7ZW

In humans with severe COVID-19 illness, the characteristic cytokine storm (exaggerated, pro-inflammatory response) is thought to be the driving factor behind respiratory and organ failure leading to poor outcomes and non-survival.

Here are two reasons why you should care about this animal research:

  • The immunological switch bats use to tame their inflammation is the NLRP3 inflammasome. This might sound familiar to you as ketones (BHB) have been shown to inhibit this signaling up.
  • The interferon response (the early initial immune burst that helps bats) is reduced in individuals with nutrient deficiencies (namely vitamins A and D) and in type 2 diabetes. (This is one of the reasons behind the recent push to take vitamins A and D.)
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Immune support is top of mind for many nowadays (and for good reason!). 

Thankfully, we have many easy-to-access strategies that we can bake into our lifestyle everyday to help support immunity now and down the road.

In this brief solo podcast we explore some of the published science and discuss how to incorporate these things into your lives.


Science and Show Notes: http://bit.ly/2QgMQzy

Images and Studies Mentioned: https://youtu.be/CpUlcOppbjg

MYOXCIENCE Immune Support: http://bit.ly/immune-support-ideas

Thanks for tuning in!


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After reading these recent pathology reports (which found extensive lung tissue damage even prior to the onset of any symptoms) I’ve become fascinated by this highly transmissible virus.

Check out the references and show notes: http://bit.ly/2QgMQzy

To help you better understand some oft overlooked details about this highly-transmissible virus and possibly better manage your risk, I’ve summarized this recently published research.

Keep in mind my physician friends in the trenches have informed me this SARS-Cov2 virus doesn’t discriminate--even otherwise healthy 30 somethings are affected and can have severe disease requiring significant ICU time.

That said, the published clinical characteristics show increased disease severity and mortality in older males and adults with cardiometabolic disease comorbidities.
If nothing else, I hope you find these findings interesting.

Stay healthy,


P.S. Here's links to articles, videos and more: http://bit.ly/2QgMQzy

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Paul Saladino, MD, author of the Carnivore Code is live to answer some of your questions about how to reduce inflammation, resolve autoimmunity and improve brain health on the carnivore diet.

We also discuss the best carbs for those interesting in carb cycling on keto and carnivore and more. 

Check out the new The Carnivore Code book: https://amzn.to/2VuIqsl

Save on MYOXCIENCE's new Vitamin D3 and K2 Blend (fermented K2 from Italy): http://bit.ly/d3-k2-blend

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This snippet is from a panel discussion at Metabolic Health Summit 2020 in Long Beach, CA. A participant asked a wonderful question about emerging trends in the realm of ketogenic diet applications and infectious disease.

Access all the Metabolic Health Summit Videos: http://bit.ly/39eCDv7

Check out the research from Yale University suggesting keto diet applications maybe helpful in the context of immune health: http://bit.ly/31CQvwe

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Customizing your fasting window is a common question nowadays.

Hopefully this short podcast will add some context and clarity that'll help YOU figure out what's best for your body.

➢ Enroll in our latest Fasting, Autophagy and Ketogenic Nutrition eCourse: https://courses.highintensityhealth.com

➢ Kick-start your fast with Berberine HCl by MYOXCIENCE: http://bit.ly/pure-berberine-hcl

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This popular show with Ted Naiman, MD is one of those episodes you may just end up to listening to twice; it’s that good!

Today’s show is brought to you by BluBlox.com, the makers of The best blue light filtering glasses and an amazing new remedy sleep mask, Sleep Mask: http://bit.ly/2AIVbDV

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In this new (popular) chat with Dr. Ted Naiman, author of The P:E Diet, we discuss more about:

-Why prioritizing protein is better than guzzling fat

-How under-eating protein makes us crave carbs and

-Why eating fat together

-How eating too much fat can drive up glucose and insulin (the next day)

Ted’s new book: http://www.thepediet.com

Show notes and video interview: http://bit.ly/2HqnrhY

Lets connect on Instagram:



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Get the latest science on fasting, growth hormone and thyroid function: http://bit.ly/37eWXKV

Autophagy, Fasting and Keto eCourse Bonus Bundle: http://bit.ly/38k0SYp

About Today's Show:

We hear various opinions online about how fasting impacts levels of your human growth hormone (HGH), thyroid and adrenals.

“Don’t fast if you have low-thyroid levels,” people say.

Well…what if your thyroid levels are out of whack because of inflammation, which could be reduced via fasting?

To help you better decide which, if any, intermittent or prolonged fasting plan is best for you, I put this video snippet together.

It’s from a Keto Summit Omaha 2002..more on that later.

Let me know if you find this short podcast helpful!


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➢Today's show is brought to you by NED! Enhance your sleep with Ned's liquid full-spectrum, biodynamically grown hemp formula  https://helloned.com/hih

*1 mL of NED’s hemp formula under your under tongue~ 15 mins prior to bed is a game changer for sleep
Episode Show Notes: http://bit.ly/2S7B8IO

In today's show David Perlmutter, MD discusses the neuroscience of decision making and how our food system and lifestyle can pre-dispose us to make compulsive decisions about food, money, and more.

He's the best-selling author of a new book, Brain Wash: https://amzn.to/2GYU1Yk

Past interviews w/ Dr. Perlmutter:
➢Keto Diet & Gut Bacteria: https://youtu.be/2hR9sD9eX-A

➢Carbs & Brain Health: https://youtu.be/3R9zsZauSes

Grain Brain Book: https://amzn.to/2rDuxrM

➢ Brain Maker: http://amzn.to/2eBYUpw


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“Insulin slows the metabolic rate of fat cells and causes them to enlarge, releasing pro-inflammatory cytokines,” says Ben Bikman, PhD Sunday at Metabolic Health Summit in Los Angeles.

Check out the show notes and references: http://bit.ly/2Ou8pMa

Join us live in 2021 in Santa Barbara, CA! https://metabolichealthsummit.com

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Enhance your sleep with Ned's liquid full-spectrum, biodynamically grown hemp formula  https://helloned.com/hih15

*1 mL of NED’s hemp formula under your under tongue~ 15 mins prior to bed is a game changer for sleep

Show Notes and Float Tank Science: http://bit.ly/2RBQ1CV

If there was a pill that reduced your stress, anxiety, blood pressure and feelings of burnout plus deepened your sleep, decreased your pain and shortened your learning time, would you take it?

What if this pill was also free of unwanted side effects and only cost approximately $170 per month?

If you captured the many benefits of float tanks into one pill, my guess is it would be the hottest-selling pill ever.

Float tanks, often referred to as a sensory deprivation tanks and formally known as restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST), has been scientifically studied since 1959.

You’ve probably driven by a float center on your commute, right?

Well, in 2017, when I discovered that Navy SEALs regularly use float tanks to compress the time it takes to learn a new language—six weeks with floating vs. six months without floating—I’ve been very intrigued.

Today’s guest and floatation therapy expert Sean McCormick dives into the science and the best strategies to get the most mileage out of float tank usage.

You can benefit from learning about:

- How athletes and high performers use float tanks to visualize themselves succeeding
- How floating changes your brain waves, making you more suggestible to positive affirmations and self-talk
- A Swedish scientific study on best float tank practices
- How I use float tanks to deepen sleep before events

Enjoy floating,

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CBD is all the rage nowadays.

But is there any substance to support the hype?

Here’s a quick video/podcast breakdown of the key research that helped me: http://bit.ly/38oWiaV

Enhance your sleep with Ned's liquid full-spectrum, biodynamically grown hemp formula  https://helloned.com/hih15

*1 mL of NED’s hemp formula under your under tongue~ 15 mins prior to bed is a game changer for sleep

In Today's Nerd Alert, we discuss more about:

-How CBD actually works

-The link between cannabinoids, leptin and metabolism

-Which conditions CBD and cannabinoids might be most useful

Access the video and research cited: http://bit.ly/38oWiaV

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Today’s show is brought to you by BluBlox.com, the makers of The best blue light filtering glasses and an amazing new remedy sleep mask, Sleep Mask: http://bit.ly/2AIVbDV

Use code HIH to save 20% OFF these Amazing glasses!

About Today's Show: 

Links to show notes and video interview: http://bit.ly/2t0eQiD

**We do some breath work and meditation in the first 25 mins of the show, the sit-down chat about back pain, mindset and mobility starts around ~ 26 min. 

Aaron Alexander is a movement specialist and author of Align Method.

Check out his new book:
The Aligned Method: https://amzn.to/2ZoOaUx

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