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Quick lesson from/story about from getting sloppy with my lawn mowing routine--it reminded me how getting lazy costs you in big, unexpected ways. Thought it was the perfect parallel to nutrition.

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Hunger pangs with fasting are quite common and hopefully this short podcast will give you tips to help push through—or at least be aware that they’re expected and normal.

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Dr. Jaime Seeman, MD discusses how using ethanol hand sanitizer increases the absorption of chemicals found in store receipts and nutritional strategies to reverse PCOS.

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Danny and Maura Vega have been successfully homeschooling their two children for the past eight years. I’ve met their kids and was really impressed with their vocabulary, and eye contact.

Here's the video interview and full list of the Vega’s tips and homeschooling resources:

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A recently published, multicenter study suggests we should all pay more attention to our glucose control!

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P.S. This audio is from a live-streamed YouTube video I posted on Saturday AM (May 2nd, 2020).

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