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Yet another study found that obesity increases your odds of dying if you get infected.

Link to study: https://bit.ly/30fKh6i

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Front line physicians are censored yet again, it seems no one is safe, from today’s cancel culture. While I don’t agree with everything that was said in this now pulled video, it’s dangerous that social media platforms are now exerting editorial control over what we consume.

Here's a link to the video and research mentioned: https://bit.ly/30WJBlq

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Ben Bikman, PhD, author of the book “Why We Get Sick,” offers insights into how you can decrease vulnerability to infections and diseases (like heart disease and diabetes) by fine-tuning your blood sugar regulation.

He discusses the reasons why less than 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy and sums up the most effective ways to course-correct blood sugar health woes.

Link to Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2CE5yxz

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A group of respected scientists in the ketone space published this comprehensive summary highlighting the ways ketones can be used as immunometabolic therapies in the context of viral diseases.

Related Video & Article: https://bit.ly/3fKs1qU

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The Coronavirus was the nudge my Mom needed to drop sugar, carbs and give the whole intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet thing a try.

We discuss recipes, sleep enhancing tips and how she encouraged her friends to ditch sugar with her.

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NOTES and VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2ZwEJD2

Cancer researcher Eleanor Rogan, PhD, discusses the details about how your liver can transform your own hormones into cancer-causing compounds (AKA carcinogens).



Briefly, some of us have variable activities of important enzymes that metabolize estrogens in our liver.


Imbalances in these enzymes create “sticky estrogens” that can cause mutations in DNA which, over time, can lead to cancer.


Here are the full details:


Here are some important time stamps!


07:18 How estrogens become carcinogens

10:40 Higher levels of estrogen-DNA adducts in women with ovarian cancer

13:50 If your catechol-O-methyltransferase is not working well, your catechol estrogen can go on to become a quinone and react with DNA.

20:36 Why estrogen-DNA are analogous to taking a step off the DNA ladder

27:02 Men with prostate cancer have high levels of estrogen-DNA adducts.


Hope you gather some insights from this discussion,




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