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If someone encapsulated sleep into a pill, it would become a banned performance-enhancing drug (PED), says Oura ring’s CEO, Harpreet Rai.

We’d rather check our emails or tune into social media than raise growth hormone and testosterone or preventing weight gain.

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From raising growth hormone and testosterone to preventing weight gain and increasing natural killer cells, it is staggering what sleep does.

Yet many of us think of sleep as “optional” or unimportant. We’d rather check our emails or tune into social media than go to bed. One of the best biometric devices to track sleep is the OURA ring—it rivals invasive polysomnography, in terms of accuracy.

To help you better understand how to interpret sleep and harness its benefits, the OURA ring CEO stopped by my place to dive into the details.

We discussed:

- Why heart rate variability (HRV) is one of the best biomarkers to follow for performance

- How to increase restorative deep sleep and HRV

- The best time for evening meals and for sleep

- Why consistency of wake time and sun exposure in the AM is linked to sleep

Enjoy those Zzz’s,


Read the full show notes: https://highintensityhealth.com/240

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