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Today we’re chatting all things burning fat, building muscle and staying healthy with Ben Greenfield 
Watch the video interview and check out the full show notes:


Key Time Stamps

04:00 Ben hunts his own meat.
08:29 After killing an animal, Ben says a prayer, thanking the animal and thanking the earth. When pulling the trigger or releasing the arrow, your ancestral brain is in charge.
13:09 Ben and his family forage around his home for food and medicinal plants.
15:51 When hunting fasted your senses and awareness are heightened. However, if you are going any distance, you need some fuel.
18:03 Eating testicles may be good for your testicles.
26:23 Ben’s breakfast is a blend of decaf coffee with mushroom extract, a big spoonful of ghee, a dropper full of stevia and a scoop of collagen.
32:14 Ketosis when competing in Ironman was helpful for Ben.
32:54 Ketosis is not appropriate for glycolytic obstacle course racing and Ben finds it draining hormonally.
36:16 In the afternoon or early evening, your body temperature, reaction time and grip strength peak, so Ben does a second and more intense workout then.
37:31 In this cyclic ketogenic diet, Ben restores carbohydrate levels during a time of high insulin sensitivity and an upregulation of glucose transporters (post workout).
41:06 The post workout muscle protein synthesis window is longer than we have been lead to believe.
43:25 If you are doing two workouts in less than 8 hours, you would want to consume carbohydrates after the first workout to enhance performance in the afternoon workout.
45:21 There are more pros than cons to working out in a fasted state, restricting food after workout, and restricting carbohydrates most of the day.
47:14 Excessive calorie deprivation over a period of time longer than 4 weeks can downregulate thyroid and cause an increase in TSH.
48:41 In the absence of high volume exercise on a ketogenic diet, a drop in testosterone may not reflect a true drop and may be a more rapid turnover of testosterone metabolites. With high volume exercise and a ketogenic diet, it is a true drop in testosterone.
49:52 More than half of endurance athletes, men and women, have reproductive issues. Ben attributes this to the stress of the exercise and diet.
50:59 We live in an unnatural state and this may require unnatural means, biohacking, to mitigate the damage.
58:38 Smart phones effect our health more than any other modern life technology.
01:01:43 Just by having your phone with you, even on airplane mode, you are less present.
01:07:21 LSD in micro doses merges right and left brain hemispheres, enhances creativity, enhances problem solving abilities and enhances lateral thinking patterns.
01: 10:41 Psychedelics in low doses are far less toxic than alcohol and result in far less metabolic damage than alcohol, with better effects.
01:13:18 Ben’s morning routine includes a gratitude journal, deep tissue work on the foam roller, hanging from a yoga trapeze and hot/cold contrast therapy using the sauna and cold pool.
01:16:13 Ben’s desert island nutrient is 100% dark chocolate.
01:18:08 Ben’s elevator pitch: Have as much love in your life as possible.


Watch the video interview and check out the full show notes:


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