High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Dr. Ted Naiman is a low-carb enthusiast, athlete and physician in the Seattle area. He discusses how and why we get fat, and how to become better fat burners.

Hope you enjoy the convo.

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 Show notes and video: https://highintensityhealth.com/2016

Key Time Stamps

02:32 Insulin prevents us from burning fat for fuel.
04:36 You become insulin resistant when your fat cells are full and you do not have anywhere to store fat.
05:12 Why did you overfill your fat cells? They overfill when you eat carbohydrates and fat together, displacing fat oxidation.
08:11 How can you burn more fat and store less fat? You can oxidize more fat by restricting exogenous glucose.
09:12 The bigger you get, the faster you are going to die.
10:56 Metabolically obese normal weight individuals are an exception to the waist/height ratio.
13:53 Your personal fat threshold is genetically built in.
15:34 Becoming fat can be protective.
17:12 Everyone has fatty liver now.
17:49 If you have an abundance of free fatty acids in your blood and it is being rejected by your cells and tissues, your body goes to war with itself.
19:26 You can reverse insulin resistance by eating either an extremely low fat diet or an extremely low carb diet. Studie
22:06 If you are fat to begin with, you should do the low carb/high fat approach.
22:46 If you already have very low body fat, if you eat a high carb/low fat diet, you will remain thin.
23:27 For someone who is very overweight and very insulin resistant, a protein heavy/low carb diet is Dr. Naimans recommendation.
25:03 You will lose just as much lean/muscle mass as fat mass with fasting or undereating calories.
26:53 If you dont hit your protein target, you will overeat energy as carbs or fats to get enough protein.
32:19 What about vegetarians and vegans with protein?
36:13 You should get to ketosis with carb restriction.
39:20 Muscle is the organ of longevity.
39:26 Keep your insulin pulsatile.
42:21 Ambient temperature is a huge factor in diabetes.
47:56 Always start with diet. Take one meal at a time and replace your carbs with protein and fat.
50:20 Dr. Naiman has no morning routine, though he does drink cold brewed coffee. He fasts in the morning, not eating until about 1 p.m.
51:37 Dr. Naimans singular favorite exercise is the muscle up. It is the best upper body exercise.
54:29 Dr. Naiman takes no supplements and rarely recommends them.
56:35 Dr. Naimans elevator pitch is to put protein first. Ruminant agriculture on natural grasslands would turn around obesity and diabetes, and it helps the environment.

Show notes and video: https://highintensityhealth.com/2016



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