High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Valter summarizes the findings and discoveries from his lifelong interest and academic research in fields of longevity and aging.

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Key Takeaways and Timestamps from the discussion:  

02:26 Growth hormone gene mutations impact longevity and protection from chronic disease.

04:58 Ageing and age-related chronic diseases can be regulated through genetic intervention or with nutritional interventions.

07:20 Starvation has a much greater and faster impact than temporary caloric restriction.

09:24 Weaker cells are consumed during a fasting mimicry diet.

11:50 Most organisms starve most of the time.

14:26 Low protein helps people under the age of 65 and hurts people over the age of 65.

18:09 Proteins control growth factor/growth hormone which controls IGF-1, which also controls mTOR.

19:31 Athletes need to have enough protein in the regeneration refeed.

23:39 Just adhering to the Fasting Mimicry Diet 5 days out of 30 is enough to have a significant drop in IGF-1, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, fasting glucose, and inflammation.

27:46 If you fast over 12 hours every day, you have a two-fold increase in the risk of needing to have your gallbladder removed

30:03 Fasting for 14 to 16 hours has benefits: increased ketone bodies, weight loss, and metabolic advantages.

30:38 Consuming ketone bodies and fatty acids on top of a normal diet is a mistake. It confuses your metabolism. Long term repercussions are unknown.

36:26 Fasting Mimicry Diet is the result of years of researching the connection of each component of food and the genes that regulate ageing and regeneration.

39:25 Dr. Longo’s Morning Routine: He drinks a mix of black tea and green tea with a whole lemon and preserved fruit. He rides stationary bike and breaks his fast after exercise.

42:44 Dr. Longo’s Desert Island Nutrient:

46:32 Dr. Longo’s Elevator Pitch: Implement The Fasting Mimicry Diet through the population.


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