High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Three physician athletes and I got on stage in Vancouver, BC this past fall to discuss what is and isn’t working when it comes to building muscle and burning fat from an evidence-based perspective. Food quality and time-restricted feeding are big themes that kept coming up in this discussion.

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Connect with the speakers:

Drew Jamieson, ND www.polohealth.com
Alana Shaw, ND www.alanashawnd.com
Sara Kinnon, ND www. drsarakinnon.com

Below are the key takeaways and links to the speaker websites, as well as the full HD-video of the discussion.


00:50 Dr. Drew: Getting rid of breakfast changed his life. It has given him freedom, mental clarity and time. Recovery is enhanced.
03:03 Dr. Drew: Practitioners need to know their way around the weight room or the kitchen.
04:23 Dr. Alana:
06:51 Dr. Sara: She finds that her female patients cannot go as long on their fasts as males.
08:45 Dr. Sara: Eating well and eating good quality food is the first step to health, which motivates patients to make other changes and start exercising.
10:46 Dr. Alana: What she recommends depends upon what that individual will stick with. Find what works for them. Perhaps it is food quality, following macros or exercise.
12:32 Dr. Drew: The quality of food is paramount. This displaces unhealthy foods and leads to other healthy behaviors.
14:17 Dr. Drew’s Eating/Workout Pattern: 17:23 Dr. Alana’s Eating/Workout Pattern:
22:10 Dr. Sara’s Eating/Workout Pattern:
25:04 Dr. Sara: Hormone dysfunction and exercise:
26:45 Dr. Sara: Perimenopause Hormone Shifts: 27:57 Dr. Alana: She recommends short duration high intensity training for people who are carrying extra weight, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and hormone imbalances/not ovulating regularly.
32:48 Dr. Drew: Hypogonadism/Low Testosterone:
36:50 Dr. Drew: Toxins/EMFs and Hormones:
42:57 Dr. Alana: Studies show that endocrine disruptors are being related to estrogen related issues, like fibroids and endometriosis.
43:40 Dr. Sara: If you have allergies, your immune system is toxic and overburdened. Clean it up and it will make a difference.
46:14 Dr. Alana: Consistent fasting may put too much of a stress on a woman who is having hormone issues surrounding ovulation.
48:06 Dr. Alana: Doing keto while trying to get pregnant/nursing. There should be no reason why it would negatively impact fertility or the developing fetus.

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