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Lyn Patrick, ND is one of the nation’s leading environmental medicine experts, and we caught up in Durango, CO, last May to discuss how our fat cells and liver take a beating when we eat non-organic foods and industrial oils.


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If you’re interested in learning dietary strategies that’ll help you balance your blood sugar and burn body fat, tune into this one!

Here are a few of the many highlights:
- The liver’s role in metabolism
- How toxins in our food and in cosmetics make us fat (by affecting leptin and other hormones)
- How toxins affect gut health
- Best foods to avoid

----------------------------Key Takeaways-------------------------------

01:57 Dr. Patrick’s Journey
03:14 What Causes Fatty Liver? Contenders for causes are high fructose corn syrup, toxicant exposure, diet/lifestyle and gut disorders.
05:15 The Two Hit Hypothesis: The first hit is fat in the liver. The liver starts importing and storing triglycerides, primarily from sugar, fructose, glucose and high carbs.
08:43 Endocrine Impact of BPA: Exposure to BPAs cause high levels of free radicals and effect our endocrine system.
10:51 It Starts With Adipose Tissue: Fatty liver used to be blamed on the liver.
11:43 Endocrine System: Men with low testosterone are more at risk for fatty liver syndrome
13:29 Fatty Liver Interventions: There are no FDA approved drugs for treating fatty liver.
14:59 Mitochondria and Your Liver: There are more mitochondria in the liver than anywhere else, due to its many labor intensive jobs.
19:28 Keto-Adapted Diet and Fatty Liver Disease:
23:00 High Fructose Corn Syrup:
31:26 Alcohol Consumption: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
33:23 Saturated Fat and Endotoxemia:
37:26 Supplements for Liver Health:
47:36 Parting Thoughts

Watch the interview & download the show notes: http://bit.ly/2B0XNQr

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