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A new study in a reputable medical journal reported that 50% of the adult population has diabetes or prediabetes.


But here’s the real cold water: folks with elevated glucose have a much higher risk of developing blindness, getting their legs ampuation and, worst of all, brain atrophy and dementia.


(Alzheimer’s is now dubbed diabetes of the brain.) 


These scary facts motivated diabetes educator, Brian Mowll to host the 3rd annual Diabetes Summit.


Check it out: highintensityhealth.com/diabetes

Dr. Brian and I discussed key nutrients to balance gut hormones and bacteria which can have a huge effect on blood sugar regulation.) 

But that’s not all…

Dr. Brian and I recorded a special interview below to discuss a range of topics that can help you balance your blood sugar control right now.

This was by far one of the most practical discussions on getting control over blood sugar that I’ve heard in a long time.

Key Takeaways from Dr. Mowll’s Chat:

05:06 Assessing our Blood Sugar: Why should all have a glucometer and be testing our blood sugar!

09:38 Blood Sugar Thresholds: What are safe post meal blood sugar levels?

16:23 Type 2 Diabetes Subtype: Not all diabetes is the same

23:56 Hemoglobin A1C Biomarker: What’s optimal VS what’s “normal”

22:44 Triglyceride Biomarker: Why this measures metabolic flexibility

48:43 Berberine and Blood Sugar: New science

P.S. When you sign up for the Diabetes Summit, forward me your registration and I’ll give you access to my 60 minute Circadian Rhythm Master Class video.

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