High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Dr. Leo Galland’s office in NYC to chat about allergies.

He wrote a new book all about allergies called the Allergy Solution.

I was amazed by the new science and remedies he shared.

Hidden allergies are the drivers of weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, and joint pain, he says.

In the interview, he reveals the top ways to uncover hidden allergies.

The big take-home from this interview and new book, The Allergy Solution, is that our environment has changed.

We talked about new research that shows how environmental toxins may actually be causing plants to produce more allergens.

Even more, environmental compounds may be causing your immune system to be increasingly susceptible to allergens.

So, it’s a vicious cycle.

Dr. Galland says the solution is not to suppress allergies with natural compounds, but to remove the triggers and also the prime protective T-regulatory cells.

T-regulatory cells help keep inflammation in check.

Hear about the top five ways you can give your T-regulatory cells and immune system a boost.

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