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Fat and ketone metabolism expert Joe Anderson, PhD offers insights and best practices when it comes to at-home metabolic testing.

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01:33 Dr. Anderson’s PhD was on How Chemicals Come Out in Breath.
02:45 Acetone is created primarily from the breakdown of acetoacetate.
11:02 Your brain is unable to use fat for fuel, and instead uses ketone bodies when sugar is depleted.
11:46 Acetoacetate ketone body is the mother molecule that can be interconverted with beta hydroxybutyrate.
12:28 Beta hydroxybutyrate is converted into acetoacetate, which is then used to fuel the cell.
15:00 Much of the conversion of ketone bodies occurs early in the transition between sugar burning and ketosis.
15:26 Ketone bodies are mainly there to feed your brain. Fats can be used to fuel muscle tissue, heart, etc.
19:47 Beta hydroxybutyrate and ketone bodies seem to be able to bypass some defects in mitochondrial function, the inability of mitochondria to generate fuel from sugars.
22:17 Acetone as measured by Levl is an indicator of your last 12 hours of fat metabolism.
24:31 The Levl sensor can mistake consumed alcohol for acetone.
25:27 Eight hours after drinking alcohol, you can experience alcoholic ketosis, reflected in acetone levels.
28:28 While in ketosis, endurance exercise will cause ketone levels to drop because you are using the ketones.
36:55 Bears use ketones for hibernation. Cows make ketone bodies and the ketone bodies flavor the milk.
40:52 Keto breath is mostly acetone.
42:18 Urine testing for acetone has too many variables, like water intake and frequency of urination.
43:33 Seven parts per million or higher of breath acetone would reflect a .5 mml of beta hydroxybutyrate, the definition of nutritional ketosis.
45:22 Measure acetone consistently first thing in the morning when there are fewer external variables. If that is not possible, measure right before dinner or at bedtime.
47:50 Supplemental niacin and aspirin seem to alter the breakdown of fat at the cell, so the fat cell does not dump fat into the bloodstream.
52:14 Ingested shorter chain fats can turn into ketone bodies more quickly than longer chain.
53:30 Levl partners with Heads Up Health, which tracks additional health variables, creating a body of data to be analyzed in a more holistic way.

Check out the show notes: https://highintensityhealth.com/245

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