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We do our best to emulate the lifestyle and nutrition habits that help unindustrialized humans stay healthy, lean and disease-free as they age.

We buy our low-carb and gluten free foods at Costco and eat organic when we can afford it.

Despite these efforts to eat healthy, many of us still have lingering health issues….achy joints, allergies, fatigue and we’re a carrying a little more fat than we’d like to.

Gardening and hunting experts, Ryan and Hillary Lampers discuss why growing it yourself is the next step many need to take to stay healthy.

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Key Takeaways

03:15 Bow hunting season is late summer/early fall, when the buck’s antlers are soft, full of blood and covered with velvet and October’s hunting season with guns, deer are hard horned and they stay in the dark timber.
05:31 Deer/elk antler velvet is sold as a testosterone /growth hormone booster. There is not much research pointing to deer/elk antler velvet being androgenic.
08:34 In most states, at age 10, children can take a hunter’s safety course and can receive a hunting license.
13:35 Bear fattened on blueberries is the Lampers family’s favorite meat.
18:08 Life sustains life. Hunters respect and care about animals.
22:59 We have a disconnect and ambivalence toward food and its value. It is one of the reasons that food waste statistics are staggering.
24:36 Food is at the core of life. A close connection to food helps to connect you to other important things in your life.
28:20 Back country hunting is hard work. The Lampers process and preserve their meat themselves.
33:18 The Lampers goal is eliminate the need for grocery store food.
34:59 Energy from an animal may be imparted to you when you consume it.
38:13 Organic does not mean that the animal was happy. Hunters take happy animals who live lives the way they were meant to be lived.
42:04 Nature generally eliminates unhealthy animals before the hunter can find it for food.
43:46 Hunting is about more than food.
45:32 The skill of hunting is something that is taught from one hunter to another.
51:55 Many of us do not understand hunting, known a hunter or know anything about hunting.
54:15 Hunting is highly regulated.
58:36 Ryan practices shooting every day. He wants to know that when he takes a shot at an animal that it will be a clean ethical shot.
01:01:01 You take the biggest animals, taking out the older animals that are no longer breeding.
01:01:51 Ryan makes all of his food for his hunting trips.
01:08:34 Cooking over a fire at camp after a hunt is one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip.
01:11:02 Directly after the kill, the meat needs to be cooled.
01:12:46 The meat is bagged in a cloth bag to keep it clean and keep it away from bugs/flies.
01:14:40 Within one week, you can change your microbiome by hunting and gathering your own food. Your diversity increases.
01:17:18 Hunters are conservationists and environmentalists.

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