High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

World-renowned human movement expert Darryl Edwards agrees that humans need more exercise and daily movement—but not in the way that many people think. 

Check out the show notes (and watch the video): http://bit.ly/2ygLOvy

He provides us with some examples about how crawling, climbing, jumping, pushing and pulling in different directions are best for long-term health. 

(As much as I love squats and deadlifts, they’re not multi-plane movements.) 

Learn how to exercise and move for health in three dimensions (with friends and family):http://bit.ly/2ygLOvy

In this episode, you’ll learn more details about: 

- How exercising barefoot is better for your body 

- How walking outside is more effective than running inside 

- Simple ways to improve blood sugar regulation by playing in your own backyard 

Check it out and have a chance to try these moves! 

--------------------------------------Key Takeaways----------------------------------

02:10 Your Extraordinary Feet:

03:11 Humans are Movement Generalists:
06:54 Paleo Fitness:
12:12 Start Barefoot Walking:
13:30 You’ll be Lighter on Your Feet:
16:32 Your Feet Spread:
17:51 Training Outside in Natural Weather Conditions:
24:50 A Holistic Practice of Health:
26:13 A State of Mindfulness:
28:35 Low Carbohydrate Diet:
30:24 Darryl was Pre-Diabetic:
33:02 Sleep Quality:
33:42 Darryl’s Desert Island Herb/Nutrient:
34:26 Darryl’s Ideal Morning Routine
36:21 Darryl’s Elevator Pitch


Watch the show notes: http://bit.ly/2ygLOvy

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