High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Three physician athletes and I got on stage in Vancouver, BC this past fall to discuss what is and isn’t working when it comes to building muscle and burning fat from an evidence-based perspective. Food quality and time-restricted feeding are big themes that kept coming up in this discussion.

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Connect with the speakers:

Drew Jamieson, ND www.polohealth.com
Alana Shaw, ND www.alanashawnd.com
Sara Kinnon, ND www. drsarakinnon.com

Below are the key takeaways and links to the speaker websites, as well as the full HD-video of the discussion.


00:50 Dr. Drew: Getting rid of breakfast changed his life. It has given him freedom, mental clarity and time. Recovery is enhanced.
03:03 Dr. Drew: Practitioners need to know their way around the weight room or the kitchen.
04:23 Dr. Alana:
06:51 Dr. Sara: She finds that her female patients cannot go as long on their fasts as males.
08:45 Dr. Sara: Eating well and eating good quality food is the first step to health, which motivates patients to make other changes and start exercising.
10:46 Dr. Alana: What she recommends depends upon what that individual will stick with. Find what works for them. Perhaps it is food quality, following macros or exercise.
12:32 Dr. Drew: The quality of food is paramount. This displaces unhealthy foods and leads to other healthy behaviors.
14:17 Dr. Drew’s Eating/Workout Pattern: 17:23 Dr. Alana’s Eating/Workout Pattern:
22:10 Dr. Sara’s Eating/Workout Pattern:
25:04 Dr. Sara: Hormone dysfunction and exercise:
26:45 Dr. Sara: Perimenopause Hormone Shifts: 27:57 Dr. Alana: She recommends short duration high intensity training for people who are carrying extra weight, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and hormone imbalances/not ovulating regularly.
32:48 Dr. Drew: Hypogonadism/Low Testosterone:
36:50 Dr. Drew: Toxins/EMFs and Hormones:
42:57 Dr. Alana: Studies show that endocrine disruptors are being related to estrogen related issues, like fibroids and endometriosis.
43:40 Dr. Sara: If you have allergies, your immune system is toxic and overburdened. Clean it up and it will make a difference.
46:14 Dr. Alana: Consistent fasting may put too much of a stress on a woman who is having hormone issues surrounding ovulation.
48:06 Dr. Alana: Doing keto while trying to get pregnant/nursing. There should be no reason why it would negatively impact fertility or the developing fetus.

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Lyn Patrick, ND is one of the nation’s leading environmental medicine experts, and we caught up in Durango, CO, last May to discuss how our fat cells and liver take a beating when we eat non-organic foods and industrial oils.


This episode is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps health conscious people like weightlifters,, cyclist, keto dieters and vegetarians get lower rates on their life insurance.

Get a Free Quote:  http://healthiq.com/HIH

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If you’re interested in learning dietary strategies that’ll help you balance your blood sugar and burn body fat, tune into this one!

Here are a few of the many highlights:
- The liver’s role in metabolism
- How toxins in our food and in cosmetics make us fat (by affecting leptin and other hormones)
- How toxins affect gut health
- Best foods to avoid

----------------------------Key Takeaways-------------------------------

01:57 Dr. Patrick’s Journey
03:14 What Causes Fatty Liver? Contenders for causes are high fructose corn syrup, toxicant exposure, diet/lifestyle and gut disorders.
05:15 The Two Hit Hypothesis: The first hit is fat in the liver. The liver starts importing and storing triglycerides, primarily from sugar, fructose, glucose and high carbs.
08:43 Endocrine Impact of BPA: Exposure to BPAs cause high levels of free radicals and effect our endocrine system.
10:51 It Starts With Adipose Tissue: Fatty liver used to be blamed on the liver.
11:43 Endocrine System: Men with low testosterone are more at risk for fatty liver syndrome
13:29 Fatty Liver Interventions: There are no FDA approved drugs for treating fatty liver.
14:59 Mitochondria and Your Liver: There are more mitochondria in the liver than anywhere else, due to its many labor intensive jobs.
19:28 Keto-Adapted Diet and Fatty Liver Disease:
23:00 High Fructose Corn Syrup:
31:26 Alcohol Consumption: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
33:23 Saturated Fat and Endotoxemia:
37:26 Supplements for Liver Health:
47:36 Parting Thoughts

Watch the interview & download the show notes: http://bit.ly/2B0XNQr

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Tech CEO and drone innovator Tabb Firchau discusses how using wearable devices like a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and the Oura ring get his body more acclimated to burning fat for fuel.

One advantage to becoming fat-adapted with the ketogenic diet is the ability to skip meals and not experience a blood sugar crash.

This metabolic state can help you better navigate the sugary temptations of the holiday season and beyond.

Watch the interview: http://bit.ly/2B91tyR 

This practice has helped him lose fat and build muscle, but—to his surprise—he’s more even-keeled when he’s managing his team of 70 employees at Freefly Systems, a maker of drones and camera stabilizers used in filming “Game of Thrones” or shoots for National Geographic and beyond.

When Time magazine got wind that Tabb was using a “diabetes monitor” to improve workplace performance, they wrote a story about it.

Here’s a link to the interview and the write-up that was in Time:

I thought you might like this story of how a citizen scientist, like you, transformed his health and workplace performance with exercise and nutrition.

02:13 Tabb wanted to create aerial images of the world that hadn’t been seen before so he figured out how to shoot from drones.
11:00 Tabb & Mike’s Drone Crash Stories: You’ll love this.
14:41 Tabb’s Diet and Nutrition Journey: When Tabb tried keto, he noticed increased mental clarity and emotional resilience. You can go for a long time without food.
18:00 It took a while to keto adapt.
19:23 You have to be able to adapt to changes.
21:03 Implementing Strength Training: He finds that he sleeps better and he has increased muscle mass. He has also noticed a big difference in his average blood glucose levels and an improvement in stabilizing disrupted glucose levels. Strength training, along with meditation, allows him to pull back from the moment. He has more clarity and better and more consistent energy levels.
22:49 Tabb is hooked on the sauna and tries to get in 3 or 4 20 minute sauna sessions a week.
23:50 Walking: At Freefly Systems, they often walk as their meeting and discussion time. Movement and being outside helps on many levels.
25:19 The continuous glucose monitor provides accurate feedback on diet, sleep, stress and lifestyle. This allows you to begin to trust the internal signals.
28:31 Keto and time restricted feeding benefits.
32:07 Biometrics: It is meaningful to take a complex situation, distill it and provide a framework for people to succeed.
35:52 Mouth taping while sleeping positively impacts his Oura sleep scores and sleep quality. It has also eliminated his occasional snoring.
37:07 Tabb’s single Favorite exercise is hex bar deadlifts…or squats.
38:13 Tabb’s morning routine.
44:27 Tabb’s desert island supplement/nutrient is high quality meat.
46:33 Tabb’s Elevator Pitch: Stop eating for 10 times longer than you think you should stop eating and you will start to reset. Let’s start disclosing financial interest in studies and health science.


Watch the interview and check out the show notes: http://bit.ly/2B91tyR 


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Mind Pump's Adam Schafer and Sal Di Stefano discussed why variation in our nutrition and workouts is key to health and aesthetics.

Watch the interview and check out the show notes: http://highintensityhealth.com/209

More about this Episode:

Muscle has recently been dubbed the organ of longevity.

And since protein (by way of its amino acids) aids in muscle growth, we can’t get too much of it …

But, not so fast. Per the work by pundits in the field Valter Longo and Ron Rosedale, we are reminded that protein spikes IGF-1, which can trigger cancer growth in certain people.

Today’s muscle-bound fitness gurus are suggesting that we all ought to be a little more cautious about the amount of protein we consume.


Cycling carbs makes us more carb sensitive, so why should we not also cycle our protein? they ask.

P.S. Learn how variety in your diet and macronutrients, such as protein, can give you health benefits. http://highintensityhealth.com/209

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