High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Paul Anderson, ND, shares insights from his 25-year career in treating complex diseases with natural remedies, with a focus on cancer.

We discuss exciting new research about how natural therapies affect cancer development and progression and how the once chemo-and-radiation-centered field of oncology is embracing lower side effect therapies: keto, fasting and immune modulators.

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03:24 Dr. Anderson’s travel health strategies.
05:03 Breast cancer recurrence dropped with fasting
05:21 The biochemistry changes after 3 to 4 months of intermittent fasting of 13 to 14 hours, even in non-cancer patients.
07:29 Intermittent fasting.
09:02 Hospitals are embracing intermittent fasting around chemo
11:15 People who respond best to natural treatment are those who tend to the basics and take care of their overall health.
13:42 Chemotherapy has evolved in the past 5 to 10 years to be more targeted.
15:08 Some targeted chemotherapies work well, others have deadly side effects or cancer coming back stronger.
16:10 The trophoblastic theory is the cancer stem cell theory. Once the main cancer tumor has been destroyed, the cancer stem cells step back and wait.
18:27 The more we quiet inflammation and regulate blood sugar, the less likely it is that cancer stem cells will activate.
19:19 Secondary prevention includes and goes beyond diet and lifestyle. Other issues must be addressed: immune issues, chronic infections in the lymphatic system, toxin burdens, and hormonal aberrations.
24:36 Aberrant thoughts affect the immune system.
28:03 Cancer stem cells stay with the blueprint and the rest are the soldier cancer cells that we see. The stem cells, are generally not affected by the treatment that destroys the soldiers.
29:53 Cancer stem cells have the ability to recruit and program normal cells. The harder we hit the cancer soldier stem cells with chemo radiation, the more the stem cells back away from the area and wait.
31:06 The strategy is to keep cancer stem cells happy and quiet.
33:44 A very low carb or keto diet was a common link in cancer patients that did the best with their therapies, longer remissions or no recurrence.
37:13 Research has found that integrative cancer therapies extended lifespan, compared to only standard therapy.
41:29 Work with at least two practitioners to get many options and varied care.
49:07 By the time we can see a cancer tumor with imaging, it has been growing slowly for 5 to 10 years or longer.
51:00 Prescreening tests are getting better. Next generation testing, which still has some gaps, looks for things like circulating cancer cells.
52:06 Some traditional testing of non-specific inflammatory markers show metabolic shifts to an inflammatory milieu or a milieu that shows Warburg Effect.
58:38 Thermography, when done correctly, can detect and track cancer.
01:03:28 Dr. Anderson tests all cancer survivors for chronic infection, including the family of HHV, mycoplasma, c pneumoniae and more.
01:05:21 People who eat mushrooms regularly have lower rates of certain cancers. Some cancers that do not respond to anything else, will respond to mushrooms.
01:10:45 High protein intake and low quality protein sources can bring you out of cancer fighting mode and out of ketosis. Poor quality protein, and food in general, can bring toxins into your body.
01:14:18 The ideal morning routine for preventing cancer starts with a quiet mind and centering. Exercise in the morning for the brain and body. Hydrate.
01:18:27 Dr. Anderson would choose curcumin as his desert island supplement. Curcumin levels out cytokines and triggering molecules.
01:22:33 Dr. Anderson’s elevator pitch: keep people from developing cancer to is to get them to do the things that bring their metabolism back to its intended balance.

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