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Film-maker Jason Prall traveled the world to see how vibrant centenarians (100-year-olds) eat, live and go about their lives.

In today’s show he discusses what he found.

Check out The Human Longevity Project: http://bit.ly/hlpfilm

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Back to Today's Show...

Watch the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9N56XE8bu8

So why longevity?

Well...slowing down the aging process is top of mind for many nowadays.

From Botox to surgery, calorie-restricted diets and stem-cells, many people are trying to bring back the past version of themselves.

But do these practices help us live happier, longer and more meaningful lives?

Film-maker Jason Prall traveled the world to see how vibrant centenarians (100-year-olds) eat, live and go about their lives.

(Not surprisingly, Juvederm, Botox and growth hormone weren’t used by any of the 100-year-olds he caught on camera.)

In this chat you’ll learn more about:

- Common food and dietary patterns amongst centenarians throughout the globe
- Why high-carb Costa Ricans stay lean and vibrant into their late 90s
- The top non-nutrition factors (light exposure, social connections, etc) that affect longevity

-------------------------------------- Key Timestamps----------------------------------

03:52 An anti-ageing strategy views ageing as a problem. There is a lot of good that comes from ageing.
04:39 Longevity is a mechanism for preserving and prolonging health.
07:27 The centenarians interviewed were not focused at all upon their ageing appearance. They had a deeper appreciation of ageing.
10:06 Our lifestyles are detrimental to longevity.
12:43 Eat organic, local, real, whole foods.
14:01 Find your purpose. It is almost always bigger than yourself. A church or spiritual practice gets you together with like-minded people in community.
15:55 Our social environment results in epigenetic switches/changes.
16:17 Your body is a community of organisms working together. You are the host.
18:41 The centenarians in the film make their own alcohol and consume it with friends and family. Wine was used for digestive purposes.
20:38 Research results are context dependent. Research works best at understanding mechanisms, not in judging the value of things for our lives.
22:03 Eating fruit turns on/off our genes and is different from eating fructose. Your body does not know what to do with fructose creations.
27:43 MicroRNA from food causes a change in our genes.
29:13 Our microbiota throughout our body talk to our mitochondria, which talks to genes. Our microbiota talk directly to genes. Genetic information from our food talks to our genes and mitochondria. Food is also a mechanism of action.
30:31 It may not matter what bacteria are in your gut, it may matter which of their genes are being turned on.
33:46 We have gut yeasts, viruses and parasites that play roles in our health.
42:06 In the long-lived cultures, they ate together. Food preparation required that everyone work together.
45:18 Participants lived a long time because they listened to their bodies, they did what was natural, did what made sense for them and did what was taught to them.
47:45 All of the centenarians had gardens or farms.
53:21 The caffeine in coffee may be doing more damage than the benefits of polyphenols in the coffee.
55:27 Take breaks from certain things or cycle them,
58:31 Before electricity, people went to bed when the sun went down or told stories around a lamp.
01:04:22 It used to be that our minds were calm and our bodies. Now our minds are busy and our bodies are calm.
01:14:24 Birthing, pregnancy and breastfeeding are missing in longevity thinking and planning.
01:15:05 Trauma from childhood or inherited impact our behavior and our biology.
01:16:12 The Centenarian Morning Routine
01:18:15 Different botanicals were prized by centenarians around the world.
01:23:03 Our health comes from the earth. The microbiota of the earth needs to be intact and healthy.
01:26:00 Jason's elevator pitch: Meditate to gain insight and connect with yourself.

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