High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Welcome to Episode #150 w/ Drs Mark Dedomenico and Connie Guttersen, authors of The Love Diet. 

Sometimes, lifestyle medicine is poo-pooed as fluffy and ineffective when it comes treating serious diseases like heart disease and cancer.

But Mark Dedomenico, MD, co-developer of the coronary bypass surgery procedure, quit doing surgeries to start a lifestyle medicine center.

“As surgeons, we simply didn’t have the patient long enough to make sustainable changes in their habits that got them here,” he said.

Over 24 years later, Dr. Dedomenico has helped 11,000 patients change their nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle and ultimately ditch their disease-causing habits.

Mindset and self-love are at the foundation of their progress.

Rewinding this mental blueprint framework is fundamental to long-term weight-loss success, says Dr. Dedomenico.

Here are his key mindset tips for weight loss:

Connie Guttersen, RD, PhD, and best-selling author of The Sonoma Diet, was part of this two-person interview.

She, too, has helped patients break the hidden shame-cycle and negative self-talk often associated with dieting.

(It may sound light and fluffy, but believe me, this is good stuff that can be applied to non-weight–related health issues like cancer and autoimmunity.)

We also discuss a few other things, including:

01:49 Breaking the Guilt Cycle:
02:37 Isolation and Eating:
05:50 First Week Dietary Changes:
07:03 Chemical and Emotional Reasons for Eating:
09:12 The Low-Carbohydrate Diet:
10:54 Gut Bacteria and Calorie Absorption: 
13:30 Water and Fiber and Appetite:
14:27 Inherited Gut Bacteria:
15:34 How It Started:
19:03 Creation of the Program:
21:57 Binge Eaters:
24:36 20/20 Lifestyle’s High Success Rates:
25:52 Genome Research:
27:38 Changing Environment and Self Talk:
31:05 Sleep and Stress:
32:13 The Necessity of Self-Compassion:
35:26 Tracking Tools/Modalities:
42:49 What is This Book About?
46:26 Dr. Guttersen’s Morning Routine:
46:41 Dr. Dedomenico’s Morning Routine:
47:19 A Favorite Herb, Nutrient or Botanical:
51:32 One Health Tip:

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