High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Sal Di Stefano, author of “The Resistance Training Revolution,” discusses the latest science about how building muscle is the best weight-loss strategy and reviews new research about how muscle signals your body to burn fat directly.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 intro
03:10 Rigidly structured nutrition is not sustainable.
05:00 We take nutrition advice from people with extreme physiques.
07:02 We do not have a weight loss issue. We have a problem keeping weight off.
14:10 Resistance training is a superior form of exercise for fat loss, heart health, and insulin resistance.
14:50 Resistance training stopped the progression of beta amyloid plaques that cause Alzheimer’s, according to an Australian study.
17:40 Resistance training is using resistance specifically to build strength and muscle.
19:00 Running is a skill that needs practice and instruction.
20:05 Resistance training is all about form and technique.
24:30 The calorie burn during exercise is not very important in cardio because your body prioritizes energy conservation and efficiency.
26:00 Roughly half of the weight you lose with cardio, is muscle.
27:01 Strength training creates a less efficient, faster metabolism.
29:32 Weight lost through resistance training is body fat.
30:30 All you need is two days a week of resistance training to bring strength, tone and a faster metabolism.
32:30 Muscle memory: Building muscle the first time may take a while. Losing that muscle is slow. Regaining it is much faster than the initial buildup.
44:20 Gross motor movement compound exercises are most effective for building muscle.
45:50 Your central nervous system controls how your muscles fire, your strength and stability.
48:10 Proprioception, knowing where you are in space, increases with resistance training.
51:00 Resistance training elicits immediate and long-term hormonal responses.
51:35 Resistance training is the only pro-tissue form of exercise.
53:35 Resistance training reliably increases androgen receptors in men and women.
55:55 Low testosterone increases cancer risk, increases risk of heart disease, increases Alzheimer’s and dementia risk, decreases quality of life.
56:48 The average 25-year-old male today has the testosterone levels of the average 60-year-old in 1980.
57:00 A 20-year-old male today have the grip strength of a 60-year-old in 1980.
57:50 Grip strength can predict all-cause mortality better than any other single metric.
01:05:30 Pushing yourself to maximum performance is counter longevity.
01:07:00 A low protein diet generally reduces longevity.
01:09:55 Obese people have weaker bones, less muscle and more bodyfat.
01:10:30 What builds muscle, builds bone.
01:17:50 Resistance training is in the elderly improves cognitive function and hormone profiles.

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Joe Rogan asks Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN hard questions you've been seeking answers for. I found these five clips to be among the most informative from this three hour long discussion, yet they were not covered in the news coverage about this conversation. 

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Video Version: https://youtu.be/HI8L8uhnSic

Time Stamps:

1:30 Joe Rogan addresses the root cause
2:56 Joe & Dr. Gupta on Obesity, Health & 80% of cases are mild
4:32 Dr. Gupta admits we should focus on health
7:17 Dr. Gupta agrees processed food is a problem
10:50 Pandemic of Junk Food Excess
11:21 Vitamin D and K
12:18 It’s a Vascular Disease & aspirating the needle

12:41 More on Heart Disease and more
14:35 Obesity and blood vessels
17:00 Myocarditis in kids breakdown
19:37 Data in kids from last 19 months
23:24 We’ve made kids more vulnerable
24:33 Natural Immunity: why is it still ignored.

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Metabolic Health should be a top priority for everyone, now there's a new easy at-home test kit to give you insights.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Hemoglobin A1C 101
1:49 Why you should care about your HbA1C
2:30 A1C Links with diseases
6:00 Hemoglobin A1C details
7:00 Testing your Hemoglobin A1C at home

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When it comes to weight loss, there's two primary models to explain the best strategy: The carbohydrates-insulin model and the calorie imbalance, also known as the CICO model. In this show we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these models and how to best approach fat loss.

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Link to Show Notes, Video and Articles: https://bit.ly/3BxR63o

Time Stamps:

01:35 Physicians are taught that weight loss is only triggered by caloric restriction. It is the traditional energy balance model.

02:00 The traditional energy balance model does not consider your circadian rhythm or phenotypes, like those of us who over-excrete insulin, have epigenetic factors, or have adaptive thermogenesis.

02:20 Cyclical dieting down regulates your resting metabolic rate, adaptive thermogenesis.

03:20 The carbohydrate/insulin model of obesity is centered around insulin. Hyperpalatable ultra-processed high glycemic foods increase the energy circulating in your blood, causing a compensatory hyperinsulinemic physiologic state. This causes a decrease in the amount of nutrients in your bloodstream after you eat. Your blood energy reduces to levels below before you ate, causing hunger and over-eating at the next meal.

05:35 Cellular semi-starvation: In a high sugar/high insulin state, fat cells accumulate energy intended for the now insulin resistant muscles, they undergo lipogenesis, storing lots of energy. Therefore, there is a lack of energy in the bloodstream. Your brain believes that your critical tissues are starving.

06:40 Hormones surge in this state of cellular semi-starvation; there is a surge of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol.

07:10 In drugs that increase insulin, insulin signaling caused fat gain of up to 5 pounds in a 2-month period.

07:35 The energy balance model considers all calories as metabolically equal.

08:05 Hyperpalatable ultra-processed high glycemic foods lend themselves to overconsumption and hormone alteration.

08:20 Energy intake is regulated by insulin, hunger satiety cues from the brain, leptin, ghrelin, and habits. A few nights of poor sleep increases hunger.

09:00 The more lean muscle mass you have, the more you increase your resting metabolic rate.

10:00 Insulin is pleiotropic, meaning it does many different things within your body.

13:50 Biggest Loser 6 year follow up study revealed that many participants continued to gain wait after their participation in the program’s rapid weight loss. When they regained their weight, their resting metabolic rates were depressed lower than when they started.

15:45 The energy balance model works best for young fitness competitors and bodybuilders.

16:40 A high glycemic diet increases levels of glucose in the blood, causing alterations in gut hormones and the insulin to glucagon ratio.

17:10 To get into a fat burning physiologic state, you need low glucose, low insulin and elevated glucagon. The insulin to glucagon ratio helps to unlock stored fat, increases your liver’s synthesis of ketones, and helps your white fat behave more like brown fat, increasing your resting metabolic rate.

20:00 Weight centered approaches to weight loss does not lead to lasting improvements in muscle mass or cardio-respiratory or favorable changes in overall health risk.

20:43 Sustainable changes are made when focusing on improving fitness, strength, muscle mass, sleep quality, HRV lead, independent of weight loss.

21:00 Physically fit people, no matter their weight, have a significant reduction in all-cause mortality compared to unfit individuals of the same body weight category.

22:34 Weightlifting and interval training are better ways to reduce all-cause mortality and risk for severe COVID, improve cardio-respiratory fitness and better way to help with fat loss.

26:20 Eating less causes adaptive thermogenesis. Instead, you could practice time restricted feeding and eat higher quality food.

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Scientists recently uncovered various ways mitochondria support immune health via anti-viral properties. We discuss this research and why health experts should be emphasizing exercise and fasting as strategies to improve mitochondrial, and thus immune, health.

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Link to research, images and video: https://bit.ly/3FwQopn

Time Stamps:

00:54 Your mitochondria play an important role in your body’s innate immune system mounting an antiviral immune response.
01:20 Lifestyle interventions impact the health and function of your mitochondria. Mitochondria are powerful in preventing several diseases, including infectious disease. These include fatty liver disease, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and even cancer.
02:18 Mitochondria are intracellular organelles. They are responsible for making energy (ATP) for your cells.
03:40 If you have poor mitochondrial health, your cells do not have sufficient energy, and you may have insulin resistance, fatigue, or brain fog. It may mean that you will not release sufficient antiviral peptides when you are exposed to a pathogen.
05:00 Physical activity is protective against death, hospitalization, and severe disease.
05:24 Mitochondria are important for liver health, brain health and metabolic health.
06:55 Beneficial affects of regular physical activity on immune function are at least partly mediated by mitochondrial fitness. Low mitochondrial fitness and low cardiorespiratory fitness may be important risk factors for COVID 19.
07:30 Poor mitochondrial health may be a link between established risk factors like age, underlying health conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic disease.
07:43 Physical activity or targeted pharmacological intervention that increase mitochondrial capacities likely increase mitochondrial function and may enhance innate immunity. Taking berberine or metformin prior to exposure has been shown to reduce risk for severe outcomes in COVID. Metformin is more protective in women than in men.
09:11 Individuals with poor cardiorespiratory fitness have increased risk for severe disease, hospitalization, requirement for being on a ventilator and death.
09:42 Low physical activity is linked with contracting COVID 19 and poor outcomes.
10:25 Mitochondria are critically involved in antiviral host responses.

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Research continues to emerge in support of time-restricted feeding (TRF) as one of the most powerful types of intermittent fasting.

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About Today's Show: 

Because TRF restricts food intake to certain times of the day, it syncs our circadian clocks with processes involved in life span extension, like autophagy.

Links to Research Highlighted:

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:22 TRF, Autophagy and Circadian Rhythms
01:33 Circadian Rhythms, TRF and Autophagy Study
04:07 TRF benefits depend on Circadian Rhythms
04:54 Your Circadian Clock and Metabolism
09:20 Eating windows and metabolism
13:08 Temperature and Circadian Rhythms
14:45 Berberine and Autophagy
15:52 early Time-Restricted Feeding (eTRF) and Longevity
17:46 TRF and weight loss
19:15 New TRF and Lifespan Extension Study

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Scientists in the UK discovered a novel way the Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 may cause microvascular disease. These discoveries should emphasize healthy lifestyle change, smoking cessation, exercise, walking and sauna therapy as preventative measures to lessen the potential vascular damage during the course of infection.

Get the Blood Work Cheat Sheet: https://courses.highintensityhealth.com/blood-work-cheat-sheet

Links to references and images: https://bit.ly/3B6yrLX

Video on Rumble: https://bit.ly/3l5uEc9

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We review new autophagy research and discuss ways to measure this process to see if your exercise, nutrition, fasting windows are sufficient to support this critical cellular clean-up process/

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Link to video, show notes and research: https://bit.ly/3uobIrV

Time Stamps:

01:26 Autophagy and the body

02:42 mTOR and Autophagy

03:19 Snacking and Autophagy

04:06 AMPK is the gas pedal on autophagy

05:10 Exercise and autophagy

06:20 Berberine and Autophagy

06:56 Measuring Autophagy

07:20 Lipophagy and fat loss

08:22 Autophagy and the liver

09:35 Autophagy and Muscle

10:23 Great Autophagy Review Paper

10:50 Autophagy and Age

11:50 Autophagy and Immunity

12:38 Autophagy and muscle loss

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We’re hearing a lot about misinformation surrounding vaccines, but what about misinformation about general health and nutrition habits, especially among healthcare workers themselves? We review two of these viral stories and discuss our bias as a society when it comes to chronic disease prevention.

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Link to video/images: https://bit.ly/2XT0FLu


Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:30 Training is lacking basic health
2:00 Obesity is a problem amongst health care workers

” prevalence study of nurses in Scotland found that 69% were overweight or obese, and obesity was significantly higher among nurses than other healthcare professionals and those working in non-health-related occupations,” Kelly, M., Medicine, J. W. O.,. (2018). Systematic review: What works to address obesity in nurses? Academic.Oup.com
. http://doi.org/10.1093/occmed/kqy038

3:00 Doctors don't eat healthy foods

O’ Keeffe, A., Hayes, B., & Prihodova, L. (2019). “Do as we say, not as we do?” the lifestyle behaviours of hospital doctors working in Ireland: a national cross-sectional study, 1–15. http://doi.org/10.1186/s12889-019-6451-8

4:00 India and Natural Immunity
5:00 Belly Fat and V Effectiveness
6:00 Idaho Nurse Story

9:00 Ways we can be healthier, practically 

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As you age the quantity of protective types of fat, known as brown fat and beige fat, decline leading to a worsened in blood sugar control, weight gain and inflammation.

In today’s show we dive into emerging science linked with preserving this protective type of fat.

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Link to show notes and references: https://bit.ly/2XGohCL

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:20 Brown fat declines with age
1:03 Brown Adipose Tissue in Obese Children
2:23 Berberine, Ketones and Brown Fat
3:37 Less Brown Fat More Inflammation
4:56 What is uncoupling and heat creation
6:11 Where is Brown Fat Found
7:00 As adults we're no longer stimulating brown fat
7:42 Beige VS brown fat
9:40 Brown fat is metabolically protective
11:26 Exercise and fat cell thermogenesis
11:50 Fat cell thermogenesis and circadian biology
13:02 How to get more brown and beige fat

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It sounds crazy, but your Intermittent Fasting window should ideally change with the season: shorter days translate into shorter feeding windows. Longer days, longer feeding windows. We discuss the science and rationale to support this idea of seasonally adjusted feeding.

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Link to video and articles: https://bit.ly/39tXk8c

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Short-sided pandemic policies fueled a surge in Overweight and Obesity rates in both Children and Adults across the USA, new CDC reports find.

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Link to show notes, Video and articles: https://bit.ly/2ZeYnqJ

Time Stamps:

0:47 First report showing Childhood obesity rates have doubled
1:28 New CDC report—Obesity Rates have skyrocketed
2:02 460 Kids have died from C*19
2:58 Millions of kids are now more overweight
4:44 JAMA Article, Obesity Rates in kids
5:38 Details of the CDD Findings
6:56 Bad Pandemic Policies are the problem
7:50 Obesity rates in kids, details
8:39 Preventing obesity in the first place is best
9:36 Recidivism and Obesity
14:28 Why gym closures were bad
15:53 Obesity rates in adults got worse, too

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Intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting decrease insulin but also impact your thyroid, cortisol and other hormones. In this show discuss this research and considerations when deciding how often or long to fast for your health.

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Link to courses: https://courses.highintensityhealth.com/


Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3zkfB1W

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
01:39 Prolonged fasting impacts hormones and your circadian rhythm.
02:22 Fasting may not be beneficial in general for metabolically healthy individuals who are physically active.
02:52 Fasting benefits those of us who have significant body fat to lose.
03:37 Insulin drops about 35% over a 24 hour fast. It is halved after 72 hours.
04:22 Create a fasting plan that is sustainable and consistent.
05:27 Your metabolic rate is reduced during fasting. Thus, there is a somewhat significant reduction in free T3 levels and a reduction in TSH with fasting.
06:07 Autoimmune hypothyroidism is characterized by leptin interfering and changing immune system tolerance.
07:07 If you are lean and have thyroid issues, perhaps fasting is not of benefit to you.
07:17 Early time restricted feeding pushes your circadian rhythm into an early robust cortisol waking response.
07:52 Fasting, eating, and waking up causes a transient increase in cortisol.
08:37 The primary benefit to fasting is a reduction in glucose and reduction in insulin.
08:52 Early time restricted feeding that Mike recommends, consists of breaking your fast at about 10 a.m. and ending by 6 p.m.

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Politicians and health officials continue to create new mandates and health orders but curiously ignore rampant obesity and metabolic health issues. Meanwhile, scientists carry on with publishing new research about the protection offered by exercise and healthy living.  

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3EyYNZ8

Video and Images: https://youtu.be/EG-DfueY0bw

Time Stamps:

0:34 Commonalities among the hospitalized
0:44 Obesity Epidemic in America
1:14 Fauci promotes healthy living in 2019
2:08 Healthy living has been ignored
2:41 Scientists: we’ve worsened Obesity in 2020
3:32 Mechanisms driving Obesity
4:45 Biden, Boosters and the FDA
5:20 Deaths in 2021 are no worse than 2020
7:14 Farm bill and agriculture subsidies
8:04 Belly Fat and V efficacy
8:34 Obesity and the Pandemic from Mayo Clinic
10:41 Society is Biased towards acute infection
13:55 Vitamin D levels in the fall and winter
14:40 WebMD ignores obvious obesity
15:50 Common features of hospitalized people
19:00 CNN visits hospitalized patients, ignores obvious health issues
19:38 We’ve worsened Obesity
20:08 Woman does everything right, still got sick
20:40 Why is the media ignoring this
22:57 We’re fattening our kids with Junk food in schools
25:07 Children are move overweight than ever
25:45 60% of the calories kids eat is junk
26:00 Health experts promote exercise
26:48 New study finds exercise is protective against hospitalization
28:00 Exercise enhances V effectiveness

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A new study unveils details about how sauna therapy supports longevity, heart health and preservation of muscle mass throughout lifespan. In this podcast we review these findings and discuss the practical ways to benefit and incorporate into your life. 

Sponsored Message:

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Link to Research and Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3tAYVlv

The Infrared Sauna I Highly Suggest:

High Tech Health

Save with code HIH

Learn How to Build Your Own Finnish Sauna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIH5Ygv3qs8

Time Stamps

01:00 Each type of sauna is beneficial. With infrared, you need to stay in longer for similar benefits.
02:30 There is a 65% risk reduction for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s in people who sauna 3 to 5 times each week.
02:45 There was a 27% lowered risk for cardiovascular disease in men who used the sauna 3 to 5 times a week.
03:00 There was a 50% lower risk of cardiovascular disease in men who used the sauna 4 – 7 times a week.
03:45 Length of time in the sauna: Mike advises that you stay until you feel uncomfortable and then stay another minute. Take a break and then go back in.
04:00 A sauna inside your home needs good ventilation to prevent mold.
05:00 Sauna therapy shifts about 60% of your blood from your core to your periphery and skin. The inverse is true when you get cold in contrast therapy.
07:10 Loss of control of protein balance within the cell, loss of proteostasis is a hallmark of ageing. There is benefit within the muscle tissue in reducing atrophy of the muscle with sauna therapy.
08:10 Heat shock proteins are involved in preventing the accumulation of dysfunctional protein.
09:20 Heat therapy and sauna bathing can help to decrease age-related muscle loss.
09:30 Individuals with high blood pressure have dysfunctional endothelium, which causes erectile dysfunction.
12:10 Heat shock protein expression can be increased for up to 48 hours with sauna use. This response shifts upward as you become more acclimated to heat therapy.
13:15 Transient increases in interleukin 6 are favorable. There is also a transient increase in interleukin 6 with heat therapy.
14:15 Interleukin 10 affects your T-regulatory cells, which help to increase tolerance within your immune system.
16:10 Sauna therapy improves sleep and heartrate variability.
17:30 Sauna bathing enhances the excretion of cadmium, lead and other heavy metals in the sweat.
18:00 You also release beneficial minerals in sweat: magnesium, zinc and sodium.
19:15 Sauna use can negatively impact sperm motility.


Direct download: Sauna_and_lifespan.mp3
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Scientists published a new study finding Berberine HCl supports blood sugar and metabolic health by acting synergistically with Bifidobacterium probiotics and possibly fermented foods. We unpack the details and discuss best practices with Berberine HCl dosing for fasting and beyond.

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3A69jnR

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Time Stamps


0:12 Synergism with Berberine HCl & Probiotics

0:40 Ferments and Probiotics

1:38 New Berberine Study and Probiotics

2:19 Study Details

3:11 Dose of Berberine

3:29 Berberine and Exercise

4:21 Berberine and Probiotics

6:19 Using Berberine to kick-start fasting

6:48 Berberine and the gut, absorption

7:00 How natural compounds impact health via the gut

Direct download: Berberine_HCl_and_Gut_Bacteria.mp3
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A fascinating new study found correlations with NK Cell activity, vitamin D status and exercise habits. Since NK cells are a vitally important first-line defense against pathogens, these findings have timely, real-world implications.

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Grab the blood work cheat-sheet: https://bit.ly/3dyy4zM

Link to Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3E4VU1Z

Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
01:15 Your adaptive immune system provides immunologic memory.
01:40 Natural killer cells are part of your innate immune system, which has no memory and provides an all or nothing response.
01:50 Increased expression of innate immune system activation is found with obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension, and other chronic inflammatory diseases.
02:55 Overweight individuals tend to have a higher viral load.
03:10 Natural killer cells deal with pathogens, bacteria, and viruses and cytokines released by natural killer cells, help to signal your adaptive immune system.
04:00 Natural killer cells are important in preventing cancer.
04:15 Vitamin D and exercise are major determinants of natural killer cell activity.
04:40 Age, gender, vitamin D and exercise are associated with immune function determined by natural killer cell activity.
04:45 Age was a determining factor for low natural killer cell activity in men, but not women.
05:10 Sufficient levels of vitamin D reduced risk of low natural killer cell activity in men.
05:30 Exercise reduced risk of low natural killer cells in women and in both men and women over the age of 60.
05:45 A natural killer cell assay is not commercially available here in the US.
07:30 Decreased natural killer cell function in immunologically normal elderly is associated with increased risk for severe infections and mortality in general.
07:40 Natural killer cells may play a critical role in the early immune response.
08:20 An exhausted innate immune system can become depleted with a severe infection.
10:20 Medium to high intensity exercise decreased the risk for very low natural killer cell activity in women.
11:50 The vitamin D level sweet spot appears to be between 40 and 60 nanograms/ml.
13:25 Low natural killer cell activity in women did not seem be impacted by age as much as with men.
13:55 The size of your thymus gland and the amount of T cells that you produce decline (immunosenescence) as you age. Natural killer cells may compensate for this.
14:40 Over-exercise is associated with greater odds of low natural killer cell activity.
15:30 Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency were associated with increased susceptibility to COVID-19
17:00 Immune system assays are expensive. You can triangulate looking at things like white blood cell count, C-reactive protein.
20:45 Each 1 unit increase in BMI, reflected a 12% increase in the risk for severe COVID-19.


Direct download: NK_Cells__Vitamin_D_and_Exercise_.mp3
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Cold exposure has many health (metabolic and immune) benefits. We catch up with Adrianne and Jason of Morozko Forge to discuss the many health benefits linked with cold therapy.

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For wellness Centers:


Link to Video, Notes and Resources:

Key Time Stamps: https://bit.ly/2YwOkwK

0:00 Intro
0:20 Acclimating to cold
2:08 Vitamin D Levels Decline in the Fall
3:00 Cold plunge and metabolic health
2:53 Cold and Circadian Rhythm
3:54 The Best Plunge
4:00 DIY Stock tank
4:19 Why the Morozko Forge
4:58 The Shivering response
5:30 Starting with cold showers
5:58 Fat loss and cold exposure
21:30 How Morozko Forge Started
24:17 Benefits of Hormetic Stress
30:20 How long to plunge
34:00 the power of cold
37:00 Best time to plunge
31:50 Cold and the Brain
47:27 Using cold to enhance circulation
52:16 How Adrienne used cold exposure to heal her autoimmune conditions
60:00 Depression and cold exposure
1:03:00 Keeping your plunge cold and clean
1:08:00 Shivering with the cold

Direct download: Surprising_Health_Benefits_of_Cold_Exposure.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:42pm PDT

People often say, “kids are resilient.” However, scientists find children gained 23.9% more fat as a result of school closures in 2020. We also discuss a new paper suggesting poor metabolic health may be to blame for emergent viral variants and more. 

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Link to show notes and video: https://bit.ly/2WPFauS

Time Stamps:

0:00 Kids body fat surged during the pandemic
2:25 Vitamin D Health Benefits
2:57 Obesity and Recidivism
3:41 Why aren’t parents concerned?
4:00 Kids and Mortality from the virus
4:40 Kids and metabolic health
5:43 Obesity and the virus in adults
6:19 Stay home order caused weight gain
7:45 Why Obesity is a problem
9:10 Obesity environment and virulent virus strains
10:20 Viral load and obesity
12:18 Rates of Obesity in Kids skyrockets during pandemic
18:39 Response to Obesity Crisis is insufficient
20:20 Infection course in kids and co-morbidities
22:12 Diabetes Prevalence in kids is up 95%

Direct download: Obesity_Kids_2020.mp3
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We review top news this week from outbreaks in Israel, new findings about transmission dynamics in vaccinated subjects and the media’s response to Joe Rogan crediting Ivermectin as part of his protocol in successfully overcoming COVID in just three days.

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Researchers in Israel published a pre-print comparing reinfection rates VS breakthrough cases in thousands of fully vaccinated individuals. Let’s dive into their findings!

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3gKuX9M

Video on Rumble: https://rumble.com/vltzul-natural-immunity-vs-vaccine-immunity-test-results-from-israel.html

Direct download: Natural_Immunity_VS_vaccine_Immunity_.mp3
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Scientists in Italy find, for the first time, increased abdominal fat is linked with significantly lower quantities of antibodies compared to subjects with healthy quantities of belly fat. We these details and a new report noting V effectiveness has declined from 91% to just 66% in recent months.

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Show Notes, Articles and Video: https://bit.ly/3zsI2vw


Time Stamps

0:00 Intro to study
0:13 Belly Fat and Effectiveness
0:30 CDC report
1:40 Increasing protection
1:49 Belly Fat, smoking and blood pressure
2:51 T cell immunity
4:25 Ignoring exercise is a problem
5:11 Skinny but Metabolic Obesity
6:26 Smoking linked with lower antibodies
6:57 Elevated blood pressure associated with lower antibodies
7:54 Physical inactivity is a epidemic
9:45 Sleep and metabolic health
10:39 Lifestyle and V Effectiveness is not new
12:32 Lifestyle tips to improve blood pressure
14:10 Smokers have lower antibodies
15:37 Effectiveness has dropped from 91% to 66%


Direct download: Belly_Fat_VE.mp3
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A new study finds breath work practices favorably change brain chemistry mirroring what’s seen in experienced meditators. We review the details and discuss practical ways to incorporate breath work into your life.


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Link to studies and video: https://bit.ly/3zrunoq

Time Stamps


0:30 Scientists say breath holds change brain

1:38 Anxiety is top risk for death

2:54 Wim Hof study

3:26 Breath work podcast with Josh Trent

3:43 How breath holds change the brain

5:42 Insight meditation timer

6:36 Breath work podcast with Patrick McKeown

7:03 James Nestor, author of Breathe

7:53 Breathing and brain states

9:42 L-Theanine and the brain

10:34 Right brain activation with breath holds

11:32 Default Mode Network and the brain, Lew Lim and the

12:11 Sleep apnea VS breath holds

13:24 Breath work practice session

Direct download: Breath_work_podcast.mp3
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Fitness icon Bill Phillips nearly dies from COVID-19. We discuss blood viscosity, hormones and steroid/SARMs as it relates to heart health and risk of severe disease from this particular virus. 

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Link to Video, Images: https://bit.ly/2Wq8kjE

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:31 Bill Phillips ravaged after C*19
2:17 Mike Shultz, a similar story of HRT user who got hit hard
3:30 Blood Viscosity
4:37 Bill Phillips now after the infection
6:04 Bill admits to steroid use
8:27 Mike's personal steroid use
9:42 How anabolics, SARMs and HRT impact blood work, risk of heart disease

Direct download: Bill_Phillips.mp3
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Actress Melissa Joan Hart caught The Rona and blames other Americans and her kid's school for her illness. Lets review her recent publicly shared food pictures and discuss the science of insulin resistance as it relates to immune health.

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Link to Video, Images: https://bit.ly/2WfFYbu

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:31 Hyperglycemia and risk of illness
1:30 Melissa Joan Hart video
2:00 a look at Melissa's diet
5:00 Blood sugar and Immune Health

Direct download: Melissa_Joan_Hart.mp3
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We review science that shows how exercise can reverse aging by keeping your immune system young, preventing immunosenescence and the process of inflammaging.

Sponsored Message:

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Link to video, images and research: https://bit.ly/3szOONo

Time Stamps

0:41 Immunosenescence

1:14 Exercise and Immunosenescence

2:14 The senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP)

2:25 Thymic Involution and your T cells

2:51 Exercise reverse age related declines in immune function 

3:00 How Exercise Impacts Immune Health 

3:23 More Exercise is not alway better 

4:00 inflammaging: what is it?

4:50 Thymic Involution deep dive

5:40 Exercise and T cells 

6:15 Exercise and Vaccine Responses

9:00 Sleep and Aging 

13:00 Exercise and Immunity Details 

14:30 DHEA, Metformin and Growth Hormone 

15:45 Blood work you need

17:30 Immune System in athletes 

0:00 Intro to exercise as a tool to impact aging 



Direct download: How_Exercise_Slows_Aging_via_the_immune_system__.mp3
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I misspoke in yesterday’s podcast when saying there’s been, “126 cumulative COVID-19 deaths in children.”

There’s actually been 378 cumulative deaths in children, as of August 12, 2021 in the USA. Very sorry about that.

This brings the case death rate down to 0.01%. (And 0% in some states as not every state has recorded a C*19 death in a child yet.)

The estimated number of children under the age of 19 in the USA is estimated to be around ~ 75,000,000.

Interestingly, during this same time period over 540,918 children have died from other causes. (As of August 12th, 2021.)

So COVID-19 represents 0.07% of all childhood deaths.

Sorry for the confusion.

Here's a link to the podcast and data source: https://bit.ly/3k4QxGO


Direct download: kids_and_C_19_mixdown.mp3
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Let's review the published data about how COVID-19 is impacting children and which underlying health conditions in kids are linked with greater disease severity and death.

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Link to articles, images and video show notes: https://bit.ly/3k4QxGO

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Fasting and calorie restriction are not the only tools that support longevity. Harvard researchers make the case that exercise is the ultimate tool to support longevity and healthy aging.

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Link to video, images and research: https://bit.ly/3g4xxXM

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:51 Exercise impacts aging
1:55 9 Hallmarks of Aging
2:36 Genome instability
3:27 Epigenetic /Biologic age testing
4:00 Mitochondrial Dysfunction and exercise
6:00 Exercise and Aging Specifics
8:14 Sleep Loss and Aging
10:00 Exercise May be Better Than Fasting for Aging
11:21 Exercise and aging of the heart
11:45 How much exercise do you need
12:34 Muscle Loss with Age
15:43 Exercise and the brain
18:06 Exercise and Nutrient Sensing
20:01 Exercise, mTOR and AMPK

Direct download: Exercise_and_Longevity_.mp3
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Let’s review the exact tests you should run to see if you’ve been exposed and/or how your immune system has responded to immunizations. If we're serious about protecting others, we should know the answers to these questions. 

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Link to Video with images: https://youtu.be/FNpAVR8dSSE

Antibody VS T Cell Immunity Deep Dive: https://bit.ly/3tRbuYM

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A new study involving over 100,000 subjects finds exercise and physical activity decreases risk of infectivity, severity and mortality from COVID-19.

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Link to Video, Images and Research: https://bit.ly/3jGuLZU


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Researchers in Denmark discovered that fasting impacts key chemicals in the brain differently for lean and obese subjects.

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More about today's show:

After a 24-hour fast, serotonin was increased in appetite regulatory regions in lean but not obese subjects.

Researchers did further analysis and found that fasting-related shifts in insulin and fatty acids were responsible for much of this shift in brain chemicals in the lean subjects.

Here are a few key takeaways from this video:

-Serotonin plays an important role in appetite signaling
-Eating earlier in the day may support higher levels of serotonin and thus better appetite control
-Obese individuals may need to pair exercise with their fasting regimes to gain the most benefit

Direct download: Fasting_Brain_Chemistry.mp3
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Meg Kilcup, PharmD is a pharmacist who was involved in Health Care research but left the industry after growing frustrated that nutrition and lifestyle change were not part of the conversation in a major Seattle health care center.

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Link to video and show notes: https://bit.ly/3Co4JmK

Connect with Meg: https://www.instagram.com/awholehealthlife

Key Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
05:00 Meg found that most patients were not getting better with pharmaceuticals. Lifestyle was never considered.
06:45 On a patient level and system level, getting to the root of the problem was the answer, but it wasn’t happening.
08:30 Western medicine helps many people and kills many people.
09:44 Health is created by the choices we make every day, not healthcare.
12:00 Most people are eating synthetic chemicals for food.
12:45 You can wreck your gut when you eat synthetic foods, instead of natural food. This, in turn, can disrupt your mood, emotions, your hormones and more.
13:25 Doctors have a quality incentive.
14:20 Polypharmacy is a risk factor for disease severity.
16:50 Anxiety can come from many sources: food, hormones, gut health, heavy metal toxicity, poor sleep or a stressful life situation.
19:00 Anti-depressant drugs can increase risk of suicide.
20:00 Increased estrogen from birth control pills can cause hyperpermeability in the intestinal lining.
20:20 Antibiotics wipes out both the pathogenic and the commensal bacteria in your gut.
21:30 PPIs can increase risk of stomach cancer.
24:34 To make an anti-biotic more effective, and reduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria, you can take a probiotic and saccharomyces boulardii probiotic yeast, 4 hours outside of the dosage window.
26:27 Sugar feeds the bad bacteria.
28:37 You can stop taking antibiotics when your symptoms are gone, depending upon the situation.
29:39 There are 47 million antibiotic prescriptions each year.
36:00 Medical journals can be biased. The data can be manipulated before it is published and when it is reported on the news.
44:25 Natural supplements can be as effective and as dangerous, if used incorrectly, as drugs.
57:20 Meg’s morning routine.

Direct download: Meg_Kilcup_PharmD.mp3
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Scientists discover how resistance exercise triggers muscle tissue to signal fat cells to release stored energy (fat). We discuss these details and new research about how muscle mass and muscle quality are linked with improved metabolic flexibility.

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Link to show notes and research: https://bit.ly/3BWrn5c

Time Stamps:

01:31 Marbled unhealthy muscle (Myosteatosis) is characteristic of insulin resistance.
03:12 There is a strong correlation between metabolic health and the degree of muscle fatness.
05:35 Obese study subjects had significantly higher levels of poor-quality muscle, which was independently associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome.
05:50 Muscle Fatness/Obesity/Bone Loss is osteosarcopenic obesity.
09:30 Lifting to failure means that you cannot do another.
10:44 With intense exercise, muscle was able to signal white adipose tissue via an extra-cellular vesical, causing increased sensitization to catecholamine stimulation of lipolysis.
11:48 Lipolysis is the release of energy.
12:30 The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate.
12:55 Pushing your muscles to failure can directly enhance your fat cell’s ability to release stored energy.
13:00 Fat oxidation occurs within the mitochondria within muscle tissue and liver.
13:30 Many fat lipids are recycled. This recycling declines as you become more insulin resistant.
14:37 Healthy skeletal muscle contributes to whole body glucose metabolism, leptin levels and insulin sensitivity.

Direct download: Muscle_Burns_Fat_Directly.mp3
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Let’s review the long known law of declining virulence which describes how viruses and parasites evolve to become less virulent over time as they infect more hosts.

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/2WbPDzT


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Dr. Ben Lynch discusses more about histamine, gut health and why gallbladder issues are so common and tips to optimize. We also look at gene testing and why considering clusters of interrelated genes and their associated networks instead of myopically focusing on one good or bad gene variant is much more useful for determining your health weaknesses and strengths.

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Test your genes with StrateGene: http://bit.ly/strategene

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Link to Books and Full Notes: https://bit.ly/3B8reeE

Key Takeaways:

06:23 Genetic testing identifies a potential susceptibility to health and mental health complications. It is one of many tools.
06:50 Dirty Genes book is full of quizzes which identifies genetic issues without doing genetic testing.
07:45 Lifestyle habits are passed down through generations, so issues may not be caused by genes.
08:35 Less than 5% of cancers are heritable. Only 1% of Parkinson’s is genetic.
09:25 Conventional medicine using pharmacological interventions are by force. Naturopathic and functional medicine is nurture and restorative, with an appreciation for the biochemical network.
10:50 Look at genes in a wholistic way. There are about 18,000 genes in our bodies.
12:10 A single variant is minuscule compared to the other 18,000 genes communicating. And there are many other variables that make studying a single variant complicated. For example, is the study subject sleeping in a hot or cold room, mouth breathing, has a sleep partner snoring, and loaded with stress? It appears as though epigenetics overrides the majority of other provocations.
13:40 You must look at the research with a wholistic view. Look at many studies.
14:35 You do not need genetic testing. Listen to how your body is feeling and give those areas in need more love, attention, and protection.
16:12 Some genes are highly influenced by epigenetics and others are not. Sometimes is it a matter of workload for the gene.
18:00 If you have the MTHFR variant, you are less likely to die from malaria. You may have a reduced ability to methylate folate, but methylfolate can be found in leafy green vegetables and animal livers.
20:40 At some point, mutated genes helped your ancestors survive. Our genes are adapting to our new environment, and we are passing this on to our kids.
23:20 Dr. Lynch had to choose 7 genes out of 18,000 for the book. He chose MTHFR because it effects the entire genome. Two glutathione genes were chosen because oxidative stress effects the entire genome.
24:00 CMT and MAOA were chosen for their impact upon brain function.
24:30 DAO works on histamine metabolism in the gut, which can cause leaky gut.
25:00 PEMT: Solid cell membranes create cell membranes and create storage for histamine and your neurotransmitters. This phosphatidyl choline synthesizing gene highly polymorphic.
26:45 Nitric oxide is important for emergent heart issues.
26:50 By focusing on supporting these 7 genes, you are positively influencing all of your genes.
28:45 Phosphatidyl choline keeps your bile from being thick and sludgy. You need 10 parts phosphatidyl choline to one part cholesterol to have your bile flow.
30:23 If you are an obese woman in your 40s and still fertile, you will struggle with a gallbladder issue, especially if you have a PEMT variant. The primary stone in the gallbladder is formed from cholesterol. It stems from fatty liver.
32:44 The phosphatidyl choline supplement is used to improve bile flow, but since it is a lipid, it cannot be fully absorbed to improve bile flow. With PEMT variant, reduce consumption of fats and reduce the workload on that gene.
33:45 Visceral manipulation is a near instant fix for bile flow. It is massage to compress your liver. You will have an amazing bowel movement. Support with herbs that stimulate bile flow and production, like glycine, taurine, bitter herbs, ginger, and artichoke. Then supplement with phosphatidyl choline.
36:00 There is data about bile acids and dysfunctional bile acid signatures in the brain and heart.
36:50 Bile has antimicrobial properties. Taking ox bile at meals to help with fat metabolization. Ox bile taken between meals gets into your small intestine to kill off overgrowth bacteria. Maybe take it with a little charcoal. Bacteria release gasses and compounds that cause issue when they die and break open. Binding these is important.
38:28 Acid reflux is bile coming through a leaky pyloric sphincter.
39:10 The StrateGene test for neurotransmitters looks at the reduction, transport, binding to the receptor and the synthesis/metabolism of key neurotransmitters.
41:20 Pesticides slow the HTR1B gene. They bind to the serotonin receptor.
42:00 The metabolism of neurotransmitters can be fast, typical or slow. Many medications target the reuptake of neurotransmitters to keep it in the brain, rather than have it reabsorbed.
43:00 Many of us who take SSRIs get no effect because they have no or too little serotonin in the brain for the medication to work with.
43:30 5-HTP is a primary precursor to serotonin. The DEC gene converts 5-HTP to serotonin, uses vitamin B-6.
48:20 Sleep is associated with serotonin. Serotonin is converted to your melatonin. Taking supplemental melatonin may mean that serotonin is still in your brain, producing a “wired and tired” feeling.
50:55 Adderall and Ritalin are addictive amphetamines. Amphetamines block the reuptake of dopamine. Harm can be done with higher doses of amphetamines when we already have a slow ability to remove dopamine from the brain.
53:50 Medications can be useful as an intermittent intervention. Many times, non-pharmaceutical interventions can be used strategically with genetic testing.
55:05 Ritalin is toxic to the brain because it keeps so much dopamine in the brain, making dopamine quinone. Three toxic compounds are produced when you break down dopamine.
58:40 We think that Parkinson’s is a low dopamine state, so patients are prescribed L-dopa. L-dopa may have been the reason their brain was toxic to begin with from a messed up MTHFR.
59:15 Supplementing with dopamine hastens the destruction of the Parkinson’s brain. Parkinson’s is a damaged state due to a pro-oxidative environment in the brain, possibly due to more elevated dopamine or a trapping of some of the toxic metabolites of dopamine in the brain.
01:01:17 Quinones are highly reactive and hard to calm and neutralize. Glutathione does not neutralize a reactive quinone. PQQ is helpful. Carnosine is also helpful and rapidly metabolized by carnosinase and converted into histamine and histidine. N-acetyl carnosine keeps carnosine in circulation longer. It is protective of the brain and is also used in eye drops for cataracts.
01:05:20 Eye health/function is an indicator of brain health. Your eyes contain the most mitochondria per density of any organ or body part. Eyes use a lot of oxygen and requires a lot of glutathione and other antioxidants for support.



Direct download: Gene_Testing_Deep_Dive.mp3
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New data from 4.8 million hospitalizations finding 94.9% of COVID-19 patients had very common, yet largely preventable, underlying health conditions, including:

-High blood pressure
-Lipid imbalances (commonly caused by insulin resistance)

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Link to article, video and images: https://bit.ly/3yCeefc

Data from 4.8 million hospital visits debunk the media's constant lie that 'perfectly healthy people are dropping like flies' from the virus.

We review new data collected from 800 US hospitals and 4.8 million medical records from March 2020 to March 2021. The report found that of 540,000 hospitalized for C*19, only 27,000 (5.5%) did not have a chronic health condition.

Over 513,000 of the 540,000 (94.9%) hospitalized for C*19 had at least one chronic health condition; some had as many as 10 or more. (Needless to say a super majority of these conditions reported with high frequencies are created by people's own nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices: insulin resistance, obesity, mental health issues and more.)

The presence of two or more underlying conditions increases the odds of death nearly 2 fold compared to those with none; 10 or more conditions increases odds of death by nearly 4 fold.

What's even worse--considering the constant media fear mongering--anxiety was found to be the second strongest predictor of death, after obesity. This is after adjusting for age and other variables.

Let’s use this new report to nudge our friends to start making better nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Direct download: 4.8_million_visits.mp3
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New research suggests blood sugar and insulin surges can impair our circadian clock system, possibly leading to sleep disruptions and more. We then discuss how to avoid the common meal-timing mistake many make when Intermittent Fasting or eating OMAD, adding more evidence to the idea that we should start feeding earlier in the day and start our fast in the early evening.

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/36boxux


Direct download: glucose_circadian.mp3
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You're hearing a lot about the new Delta Variant. Let's unpack real world science so you can make more informed decisions about the actual lethality and more.

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Show notes and Video: https://bit.ly/3xfblRi

0:00 Intro
2:24 what is the Delta Variant
3:37 What states have this variant
4:37 Healthy Living is key for prevention, researchers say
9:39 Protein structure equals function
11:04 Hemoglobin A1C and glycosylation
13:00 transmission rates of the delta variant
17:43 Why T cell immunity is so essential
18:45 Data from the UK about lethality of the delta variant

Direct download: Delta_Variant_iTunes.mp3
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A new study compared Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) to Calorie Restriction (CR), lets unpack what they found and some nuances that the media coverage of the study.

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Link to Studies: https://bit.ly/3qoLvrk

Direct download: new_fasting_study.mp3
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Dan Stephenson, CSCS shares amazing nuggets and new science that'll help you get ripped and gain strength this summer.

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Connect with Dan: https://idealstrength.com

Time Stamps: 

07:50 Periodization is the organized structure to your training.
09:15 Your workout program should respect your goals.
11:10 Changing up your modality can accelerate weight loss during the adaptation to that modality.
11:35 The overload principle is where you do more than you did previously: weight, weight lifted over time or weight lifted in a session.
12:40 The gas principle is your general adaptation syndrome, which can lead to maladaptation.
13:10 Four to 6 weeks is time to make changes/variations.
14:10 Hypertrophy is the building of the muscle. Strength is when we ask the muscle to express more force.
17:30 Your recovery is more difficult if you are always redlining during your workout.
20:10 Powerlifting focuses on the glutes. Glutes stabilize the pelvis and helps keep the spine in a neutral position.
21:55 Strong lats and glutes are important for injury prevention and performance.
23:05 Hamstrings help stabilize the pelvis.
27:40 Raw lifting does not use clothing or other accessories that assists with the lift (geared). Raw and geared are separated in competition.
31:00 You can improve your pullup strength with bands.
31:47 Bands accommodate resistance. They are a great way to offload and assist in the bottom portion of the pullup movement.
36:10 Isometrics have been shown to have a pain-relieving effect.
37:00 Yielding isometrics is holding the weight for a period of time before completing the whole rep. Overcoming isometrics is like pushing the bar into an immoveable object.
37:40 Sticking point is where the bar or movement slows down the most, showing where you are weakest in your range of motion.
38:15 Tempo is when you pause where you are weakest or just before where you are weakest.
41:25 A similar movement pattern with fast movement, twitching, can potentiate a lot of type 2 muscle fibers and recruit bigger motor units.
42:05 Failure in lifting is your body giving you feedback and inhibit the muscle from producing force as a way to protect it.
50:20 Bands and suspending weights adds variables that require building of stability. Chains can be used for hypertrophy or strength..
54:00 Increasing the weight as you get stronger, begs you to put more force into the movement.
54:50 Power can be developed with a wide range of intensities.
55:30 Chains for workout are usually ¾ inch or 5/8 inch in 5- or 6-foot chunks. You can layer lighter chains, but you can order online.
59:30 With the Kabuki Kratos flywheel training system, the harder you pull or push (moving the flywheel), the harder it pulls back on you.
01:04:50 Kettlebells are a versatile tool.

Direct download: Dan_fitness_all.mp3
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Let's dive into new details and about how snacking, overeating and insufficient exercise causes us to gain body fat.

We'll then discuss ways to improve metabolic flexibility to assist in weight loss and blood sugar health improvement. 

Link to science and show notes: https://bit.ly/3xvXO7x

Get the Blood Work Cheat Sheet: https://highintensityhealth.com/join

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Direct download: why_you_cant_burn_fat.mp3
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New research highlights connections with autophagy and a major driver of aging, known as senescence. In today’s show we unpack these details and practical applications as it relates to longevity, fasting and exercise.

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Link to show notes, video and articles discussed: https://bit.ly/3g3Ek4q

Direct download: Autophagy_Aging_and_Senescence_.mp3
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Let’s review new research linking circadian rhythms and age-associated “longevity” pathways of interest, namely the sirtuins, insulin/IGF-1 and mTOR. Let’s review the practical takeaways from this article with a focus on how fasting and caloric restriction ought to be viewed with respect to the circadian clock system.

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Link to video, research and show notes: https://bit.ly/2S7V3KG

Direct download: Circadian_Rhythms_and_Food_.mp3
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Greg Anderson discusses strategies he leans on to support his mental health after spending a decade in the Special Operations/Para-Military community with 14 overseas deployments.

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Video Greg made that cost him his job: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_0t-MLJlbA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Connect with Greg:

Greg's jiu jitsu Gym: https://www.theelectricnorth.com

Endless Endeavor Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/endless-endeavor-with-greg-anderson/id1520461765


0:00 Intro

05:27 Mental Health right now

08:38 Social Isolation and depression

11:07 Blasts and blast overpressures

22:25 Imposter Syndrome

28:52 The video that got Greg Fired

57:00 The state of Censorship

01:01:03 Greg did a 10 day fast to start the year. It kicked his butt.

01:06:25 Once you realize that you can fast for days at a time, you don’t mind missing a meal.

01:08:35 A study of people asthma found that doing 12 days of alternate weekday fasting cut the need for asthma medicines.

01:10:05 To compliment alternate day fasting, athletic people would be advised to eat high protein (keto/carnivore).

01:10:55 Our ancestors ate locally seasonal and we could too.

01:11:42 What your long-ago ancestors ate influences the efficacy of your diet.

01:14:05 Refined carbs and the combination of refined carbs with fat are not found in nature.

01:18:50 Big food wants us to believe in the power of calories rather than carbohydrates. 01:22:40 Masking to prevent viral spread in non-healthcare settings does not have strong support data.

01:24:41 It is healthy to question everything. Who is paying the expert?

01:25:45 Schools have your child for 6 hours a day and exert a great influence.

01:29:14 The majority of people who go through gender reassignment at a young age regret it later.

01:36:06 Cold thermogenesis is a good stress that favorably affects the immune system. It causes mitochondria within your fat cells to enrich.

01:38:29 Try to stay in the cold shower as long as you can. Listen to your body. Make a cold shower part of your routine.

01:52:03 You should be taping your mouth to enhance your sleep. Some experts say that you should tape your mouth during exercise.

02:02:19 In disease, your genetics load the gun, but your environment pulls the trigger. 02:07:46 antibody testing: Use the IGG to SARS COVI2. The decay of the antibodies is different for everyone. Mike had his done through Lab Corp.

02:10:19 Memory T-cell immunity has been shown to last 18 years so far. This immunity can cross over to viruses in the same family.

Direct download: Greg_Anderson_.mp3
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A new study found long-lived plasma cells in the bone marrow of previously infected subjects.

We discuss the details about these critical immune cells and why prioritizing nutrition and health matters even more now.

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Link to Show Notes and Research: https://bit.ly/3wLhXWH

Link to T cell Immunity Deep Dive: https://bit.ly/3tRbuYM

Direct download: Natural_Immunity_.mp3
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New research highlights a critical interplay between autophagy and gut health, specifically with regard to supporting the integrity of the gut barrier.

Today we dive into the details! 

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The Autophagy Enhancer MasterClass: https://courses.highintensityhealth.com

Links to video and show notes: https://bit.ly/2RCnAI2

Direct download: Fasting_Autophagy__Gut_Health_New_Links_with_.mp3
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We discuss the CDC’s abrupt change in the face mask guidance for folks who’ve been immunized. We’re examining this because it seems to harm the CDC’s credibility. Just days prior to this guidance change, their director, Dr Rochelle Walensky argues that now’s not the time, suggesting that cases are trending in the wrong direction and the data is far from settled. 

We also discuss new autophagy research as it relates to gut health as well as new exciting studies on exercise.

Support Your Sleep and Electrolyte Balance w/ Myo Rlelax and Calm and the Sleep Enhancer Bundle by MYOXCIENCE: http://bit.ly/2HgCPOs

Save 17% OFF with code: sleep at checkout

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3v86Kz2

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Best selling author Shawn Stevenson discusses how processed foods weaken the body and mind as well as our relationships. It's a fascinating discussion.

Support your fast with Berberine HCl & Lipoic Acid by MYOXCIENCE: https://bit.ly/berberine-biotin-ala-stack
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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3eF9XAo

Shawn's Books: Eat Smarter: https://amzn.to/3tKZM1A

Sleep Smarter: https://amzn.to/3bl6h4V


Direct download: Shawn_Stevenson_Audio_.mp3
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Board certified neurologist Stasha Gominak, MD discusses the reason why you ought to consider mouth tape during sleep. Then we catch up with fitness professional Adrianne Nina to discuss how she used mouth tape, breath holds and other breathing practices to help folks on their fitness journey.

Support your vitamin D levels with MYOXCIENCE’S new D3 Liquid Supreme: https://bit.ly/3oceca2

Save with code podcast at checkout

Conversation with Dr. Gominak: https://youtu.be/74F22bjBmqE

Video chat with Adrianne Nina: https://youtu.be/Dx7eYHBRD4Q

Direct download: Adrianne_and_Stasha_Breathe_.mp3
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There's a lot of focus on antibodies in the media lately, but T cell immunity might be even more important. In today's show we explore the physiology and science you need to know.

Support Your Sleep with Klean Hemp by MYOXCIENCE: https://bit.ly/klean-hemp​
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Link to video and images:


T cell Assay: https://www.t-detect.com

Direct download: T_Cell_Deep_Dive_.mp3
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Let's breakdown the pros and cons of the four main Intermittent Fasting approaches, from time restricted feeding (TRF), to the 5:2 fasting and Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) and more.

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Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3u7cqJi

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Sauna therapy has been shown to improve the functioning of the microcirculation, brain, immune system heart and more.

The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare's Premium Membership: https://skl.sh/highintensityhealth03211

Link to science: https://bit.ly/3gyJyFN

Direct download: Science_on_a_Saturday_Sauana.mp3
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We unpack several new studies finding regular exercise is linked with reduced chances of hospitalization, ICU time and death from COVID-19 and beyond.

Scientists say Vitamin D supports whole body health! Save on this new Vitamin D3 Liquid w/ MCT Oil by MYOXCIENCE:  Save with code HIH at checkout


Link to Video & Notes: https://bit.ly/3gymOpk



Direct download: Exercise_Saves_Lives_v2.mp3
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Lets discuss the natural course of immunity and immunologic memory to SARS-CoV-2 and compare and contrast that (natural immunity) to the immunity offered by The Shots currently available.

Support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with Berberine HCl by MYOXCIENCE Nutrition: https://myoxcience.com/products/berberine-hcl-ala

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3gnIaWL

Direct download: Antibodies_and_the_jab.mp3
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Researchers say fat issue (adipose) is as a reservoir during viral infections, today we discuss the details. 

Kick start your fast with Berberine HCl: https://bit.ly/Berberine-Benefits

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/2PMz0YZ

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Patrick McKeown is the best selling author of many books on breath. Today he shares tips about female breathing, low back pain, anxiety, insomnia and more.

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Link to show notes, books and more: https://bit.ly/3uwveBG

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The CDC released the mortality data from 2020, Heart Disease and Cancer claimed 3.7X more lives than Coronavirus and are top risk factors. We discuss this and some new studies on DHEA.

Sleep Deeper with MYOXCIENCE's new Klean Hemp Oil: https://bit.ly/3fDGQ1j


Link to show notes: https://highintensityhealth.com/cdc-heart-disease-and-cancer-still-leading-caused-of-death-in-2020

Direct download: CDC_2020_leading_causes_of_death_wn.mp3
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James Nestor, author of Breath reveals why nasal breathing during sleep and exercise is so important.

Trouble Sleeping? Give MYOXCIENCE's New Klean Hemp a try https://bit.ly/3fDGQ1j

Breath is a must read book: https://amzn.to/2KdREFV

Link to Full Interview: https://youtu.be/r9brGbPGJeY

Direct download: Fat_Burns_with_Oxyogen_James.mp3
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Since sauna bathing has many health benefits, especially for the heart, brain and immune system. In today’s podcast we explore some of the research.

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3fywQq8

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My Mom just turned 64 so we reviewed her most recent blood work focusing on markers of metabolic health (triglycerides, insulin, DHEA, LDL-C, Ferritin, liver enzymes, LDH and more.)

Support hormonal health with MYOXCIENCE's DHEA Avail
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Link to show notes and video: https://bit.ly/3lTlQox

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While scientists say C*VID and Obesity is a Pandemic wrapped into an Epidemic, Krispy Kreme offers Americans free donuts and the media reports on it as though it’s a good thing--yikes!

We review why this is scientifically not good and the provide evidence of healthy lifestyle change: https://bit.ly/2P1f4Ro

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Direct download: Free_Donuts.mp3
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Biden's stumble is a reminder about the importance of leg strength as we age.

Various studies have correlated leg strength with healthy ageing, so I thought this ‘current event’ was a good reminder opportunity to discuss and review.

Get a free 37 page low-carb, keto dessert recipe eBook with any order over $39 at MYOXCIENCE.com using code eBook12 at checkout.

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3s4T8Di

Direct download: Bidens_Fall_a_Reminder_for_us_all_n.mp3
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Michael Daignault, MD is an ER Physician in LA County. (He knows how serious C*-19 can be.) He’s also a believer that exercise is essential business, because fitness reduces stress and risk factors linked with severe disease! (And the science clearly shows gyms are not a significant source of infections.)

Today’s show is brought to you by MYOXCIENCE: Support your vitamin D & K2 with this Essential Fatty Nutrients! http://bit.ly/38k28ND
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Link to Show Notes and Video: https://bit.ly/3tz4P5v

Direct download: Michael_Daignault_MD.mp3
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Deanna and I dive into the pros and cons of Zone 2 VS Interval training.

Support your Vitamin D & K2 with this updated blend! http://bit.ly/38k28ND​

Access the bonus recipe eBook using code ebook12 at checkout!

Direct download: Deanna_Zonc_2_mixdown2.mp3
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Support your electrolytes with DIY Electrolyte Bundle: bit.ly/Electrolyte-bundle by MYOXCIENCE
Use code podcast to save 15%

Connect with Glenn: https://www.saunatimes.com

Key Time Stamps: 

03:09 Glenn practices the Finnish tradition of sauna building.
06:01 Infrared sauna is not a real sauna, according to Glenn.
08:25 The heat up and cool down from sauna are equally important.
11:40 Authentic saunas are most often placed next to lakes in Finland.
15:40 Glenn likes a Friday Happy Hour sauna session to end his work week. Finns traditionally do a Wednesday and a Saturday sauna.
17:52 Sauna can be a vehicle for socialization.
19:40 In Finland, sauna is always done naked, so genders are segregated. In Germany, they sauna naked and co-ed. In the US we sauna in swimsuits and go co-ed.
22:06 Minnesota has a generational tradition of sauna. There are small pockets of generational sauna communities in the US.
24:33 There are mobile saunas. 30:35 Building your own sauna requires W.I.T.: will, information and time. Build at your own pace.
34:07 Building your own is rewarding. Customize and create what you want.
38:00 “Every sauna has its own soul.” The maker of the sauna creates the soul.
46:10 Properly ventilated air, which subtly moves across your body, feels hotter than the ambient temperature. Vents can be added later.
49:22 You can start with a shed or carve it into your garage.


Direct download: Glenn_Sauna_times.mp3
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Two new studies find majority of C*VID-19 hospitalizations and deaths were preventable, Ketogenic diet changes LDL-C in women and Breath Work updates. 

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Link to research mentioned: https://bit.ly/3qtKM6B

Direct download: 575K_Hospitalizations_Preventable.mp3
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Support your sleep and electrolytes with MYOXCIENCE's Myo Relax this winter!
Use code podcast to save 15%

A Pediatrician from Sweden quits amid backlash for reporting actual ICU and death data in kids under 16 years of age in Sweden. (Only 15 children were admitted to the ICU for COVID-related complications in a country of 1.9 million children where schools remained open.) 

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3ego6Ev

Direct download: Sweeden_Doctor_Cancelled_.mp3
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Fat researcher shares new discoveries about fasting, body fat, energy restriction and metabolic rate.

Kickstart your fast with Berberine HCl by MYOXCIENCE. Use code podcast to save 15%

Link to show notes: https://bit.ly/3kIgmMT

-----------------------------------------Show Notes--------------------------------------


00:00 Intro


04:00 Intermittent fasting is a good solution for stubborn fat. 04:15 Your diet has to work for you for the long run: psychologically, biologically and sociologically.

06:38 Fat is a complex endocrine organ, like the thyroid and adrenal glands.

06:56 Fat produces critical hormones that your body depends upon, like leptin.

07:03 When you lose fat you get lower levels of leptin, which binds with your hypothalamus and your skeletal muscle.

07:55 When skeletal muscle notices less leptin, it burns fewer calories.

09:48 Your genetics may cause you to have to work harder to keep off or lose weight.

10:15 Viruses, age, gender and hormones impact weight. Our fat busting hormones decline with age.

14:00 How your body responds to a food is individual.

14:50 Prolonged overnight fasting prolongs the effects of fat buster, growth hormone.

15:12 With intermittent fasting you get more glucagon, more leptin (so you feel more satiated), and more willpower for making better choices.

16:35 Staying low calorie all day never gives you a sense of satisfaction, leading to increased failure of diet.

19:14 Subcutaneous fat is under your skin. Visceral fat, under the stomach wall, leads to problems with the immune system, diabetes, and heart disease. Brown fat burns calories during cold exposure and beige fat that can turn into brown.

19:42 Visceral fat cells become hypoxic, sending signals of duress and your immune system responds with inflammation, which interferes with insulin signaling.

20:50 Fat releases adiponectin which guides the fat you eat and the fat you release to the right places in your body; to be stores as subcutaneous rather than visceral.

21:22 Sumo wrestlers have subcutaneous fat, not visceral. They exercise 6 – 7 hours per day, releasing higher levels of adiponectin.

22:13 About 2 hours of aerobic activity per day can move your fat to the right areas.

23:30 To see if you have visceral fat, lay on your back and a paunch on your stomach stays there, that is visceral fat. 25:35 Ancestral famines create a thrifty genotype which causes you to hold fat for later.

29:30 Viruses can make animals fat. Some cross into humans. 38:10 You need to be in the right mindset to lose weight.

40:50 HIIT in the evening while fasting busts through weight loss plateaus for Dr. Tara.

41:25 Temptation bundling: Bring something pleasurable into your workout to enhance your ability to create a habit.

43:48 A habit is more reliable than willpower. Reducing the number of decisions you make during the day reduces decision fatigue.

44:16 Successful dieters can get back on their diet the next day. Perfect isn’t the goal.

Direct download: Sylvia_tara_mixdown.mp3
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Today we’re diving into some new studies that show how brief periods of inactivity (so called immobilization studies) worsen blood sugar control.

Link to show notes and research: https://bit.ly/3kkh7eC

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Direct download: Blood_sugar_and_inactivity_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00pm PDT

Here's a link to show notes and resources: https://bit.ly/2OVcgVK

I'm a believer having some basics to prepare for uncertain water and food situations, so hopefully you find these resources helpful! 


PETZL Headlamp https://amzn.to/3u65Wux

Jetboil Stove: https://amzn.to/3dhKnBo

Liquid Iodine: https://bit.ly/3k30zYr

SteriPen: https://amzn.to/3bcjz2U

Direct download: Clean_Water_n.mp3
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More scientists are suggesting it's time we address nutrition and exercise to reduce the severity of infections.

Support aging and immune health with MYOXCIENCE's Thymus Revive: https://bit.ly/thymus_revive

Use code podcast

Link to Show Notes and Research: https://bit.ly/3a8q2MG

Direct download: More_Doctors_Speak_Out.mp3
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Neurologist, Stasha Gominak, MD is back to discuss regulators of sleep--sleep switches--and ways to repair them, naturally.

Support your vitamin D levels this winter! http://bit.ly/vit-d3-absorb
Use code podcast to save 15%

Link to Video and Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3cKZrXO

Key Time Stamps: 

06:25 Sleep disorders expedite ageing, even in children.
07:40 Sleep disorders are an endocrinologic disorder.
12:20 Pantothenic acid is made only by your microbiome.
12:50 Sleep apnea and insomnia are characterized by poor body chemistry for sleep.
13:25 We have 4 complicated linked sleep switches.
14:52 Vitamin D feeds the gut bugs that make B vitamins and the vagus nerve directly connects our gut bugs to our brains.
18:10 Dr. Stasha Gominak sees sleep apnea, requiring c-pap is an end stage disease.
20:20 Every night the tongue sends feedback signals directing growth to the brain.
21:15 When the mouth is open during sleep, the jaw and the rest of the face will not develop normally.
22:00 The chemistry of the brain plays a part in sleep disordered children.
29:40 Vitamins don’t fix people. You need to be asleep to apply them to repair.
36:40 B Vitamins play a huge role in our sleep.
37:40 B vitamins come from gut bugs, not your food.
42:30 The 8 B vitamins are created as an 8-pack in specific ratios.
46:00 B5 paralyzes us for sleep.
52:20 Children who develop autism have an abnormal immune system and microbiome and are deficient in acetylcholine and endocannabinoids.
55:50 Normal sleep is needed to improve the functioning of an autistic child.
01:11:13 If you have autoimmune disease, each immunization risks flaring the condition.
01:23:49 Acetylcholine is responsible for our ability to concentrate during the day and responsible for our ability to enter sleep, stay in sleep and get paralyzed in sleep.
01:27:40 Acetylcholine is a major player in the parasympathetic nervous system/rest and digest.
01:30:02 Improper heartrate variability means that your sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive.
01:32:36 Acetylcholine, not only acts like a neurotransmitter, it acts as an anti-inflammatory hormone.
01:35:08 Some scientist believe that ADD, as well as autism, is a disease of acetylcholine deficiency.
01:38:00 Your microbiome makes your serotonin, using vitamin D and pyridoxine.
01:41:10 Vitamin D2 is not the same as vitamin D3.
01:44:00 A vitamin D blood level of between 60 – 80 is optimal for a sleep disordered person.
01:44:50 The accurate vitamin D testing method is the LCMS.
01:54:37 Vitamin D works directly upon the pituitary.
01:55:40 1,25-OH is directly linked to the repair of DNA damage resulting from UVB light hitting the skin.
01:56:30 Each hormone in your body is designed to have a unique affect on each organ that has that receptor.
01:59:00 Dr. Gominak has a workbook on her website for you to use.

Direct download: Fix_Your_Broken_Sleep_Switches_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:52am PDT

In today's show, we unpack the science about immunometabolism and it's connections with severe outcomes of the Coronavirus.

Link to research: https://bit.ly/bad-diet-worsens-corona

➢Learn New Skills! The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: https://skl.sh/highintensityhealth12201

Direct download: ImmunoMetabolism.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:33pm PDT

Scientists finally say what us ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been saying since January 2020: your diet and lifestyle is linked to immune system health.

Today we unpack the details and more

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Link to Video & Science: https://youtu.be/Y6ULhj7GoGo

Direct download: Junk_food_and_the_ron_n.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:19pm PDT

Cynthia Monteleone, a mother of three in her mid 40s, shares nutrition and exercise tips to help you get in shape with less time.

This show is brought to you by Health Code! https://gethlth.com The makers of the very tasty Complete Meal, formulated by Ben Bikman, PhD
Save using code HIH at checkout

Research says shorter-duration but higher-intensity exercises like sprints, have more health benefits and save time VS long-slow distance exercise.

Cynthia Monteleone offers nutrition and exercise for staying young and vibrant as you age. She’s a mother of three in her mid 40s.

You can learn more about:

-Why shorter but more intense exercise bouts actually burn more fat
-How to practically start sprinting (if you’re a non-runner)
-Meat for women over 40
-Fueling these exercises with low-carb, real foods

Link to show notes and video: https://bit.ly/3sElkxE

Direct download: Cynthia_Mix_alln.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:33am PDT

Katherine Eban is the author of several amazing books exposing half-truths in the generic drug industry and more. 

Support your vitamin D levels this winter! http://bit.ly/38k28ND
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Links to notes and books: http://bit.ly/2LY5qwY

Direct download: Katherine_Eban.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:09pm PDT

Support your body’s declining Vitamin D level this winter with new D3 Absorb by MYOXCIENCE: bit.ly/vitamin-d3-absorb
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Link to studies and video we mention: bit.ly/3oOqntb

Link to video on testing Acetone for monitoring Fat Loss: https://youtu.be/IOCsaE5aul8

Direct download: Mike_Fasting_mixdown.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:23pm PDT

Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey faces major blowback for telling Americans they should stop eating processed trash and take responsibility for their health.  Twitter had a melt down. People seemingly don't want to hear that eating Pop Tarts and Sugar Cookies are connected to their dis-ease(s).

Support your vitamin D levels this winter! https://bit.ly/vitamin-d3-absorb
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Link to Video: https://youtu.be/41b3pkw8TPw

Direct download: Whole_Foods_mixdown.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:08pm PDT

Loss of smell is a clue to upcoming “pre-clinical” neurodegenerative disease.

Curiously, loss of smell associated with post-COVID-19 may be exacerbated in folks who have pre-existing cognitive impairment.

Here's some science: https://bit.ly/38Un8cy

Support your Thymus Health: https://myoxcience.com/collections/new-2020-formulas

Save w/ code Podcast

Direct download: Olfactory_Bulb_n.mp3
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Hope you’re having a great holiday season! (The best you can under the circumstances that is.)

Now for a controversial solo podcast: I had COVID-19

The symptoms for our family were nothing like what the media talks about, so wanted to share this with you.

Links to Show Notes and Research: http://bit.ly/rona-real-talk

Links to Products Mentioned: https://myoxcience.com

Direct download: What_its_Like_to_have_Coronavirus.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:07pm PDT

Support your gut health with Vitamin D Essential Fatty Nutrients: http://bit.ly/vitamin-d-k-2-blend
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Link to Show Notes, Associated Video and research: https://highintensityhealth.com/hashimotos-and-autoimmune-thyroid-linked-with-poor-gut-health-sibo-says-dr-ruscio/

Direct download: Ruscio_iTunes.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:24am PDT

New data links Vitamin D to healthful changes in your gut bacteria and immunity.

Essential Fatty Nutrients: http://bit.ly/vitamin-d-k-2-blend
Use code podcast to save

Link to video: https://youtu.be/jx0NzNQodSk

Direct download: Vitamin_D_gut_bacteria_Immunity.mp3
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Feeding and fasting at similar times each day can entrain (align) your body’s internal clocks.

//Support Your Sleep & Circadian Biology with BluBlox // the makers of the best blue light filtering glasses, sleep masks and more https://www.blublox.com
*Use code HIH to save

Early adopter of this TRF strategy, Alessandro Ferretti shares the details.

Link to video: https://bit.ly/TRF-sleep

Direct download: Alessandro_mix_2016.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:31pm PDT

Researchers say COVID-19 is a Syndemic, not a Pandemic.

We discuss more about what this means and how it changes our approach towards managing the outbreak.

Save on MYOXCIENCE's new ProBioMaintain SB: https://bit.ly/Sac-Boulardii

Use code funny at checkout to save

Link to related Video: https://youtu.be/L-phoIh4kos

Direct download: Syndemic_mixdown.mp3
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Despite little evidence indicating gyms and fitness centers are a significant source of new infections, policy makers around the world closing them, anyway. We review the immunological costs of these strategies and the many health benefits of regular exercise. 

Support your Vitamin D, Iodine and Zinc levels this winter with MYOXCIENCE Nutrition 

Use code hurry17 to save 17% OFF now through Monday 11/30


Link to live stream video & science: https://youtu.be/yNTfrrwzZ1U

Direct download: Closing_Gyms_Lack_Data.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:56am PDT

Today's show is brought to you by Health Code! https://gethlth.com The makers of the very tasty Complete Meal, formulated by Metabolic Researcher, Ben Bikman, PhD

Save using code HIH at checkoutJames Nestor, author of Breath reveals many intricacies of breathing that are very important for your health.

Full Video & Show Notes: https://youtu.be/r9brGbPGJeY

➢Breath is a must read book: https://amzn.to/2KdREFV

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Matt Kaeberlein, PhD discusses the buzz about the vaccine lately....

What's not being discussed, however is something renowned longevity researcher Matt Kaeberlein, PhD says is really important to consider:

The vaccine is least likely to work in people who need it most  :-( 

In this short clip, he discusses how your biological age impacts immunity and the effectiveness of a vaccine response. 

P.S. Here's the full-length show discussing ways to improve the age of your immune system: https://bit.ly/3hX9kAz

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Brian Keith and John Robb share fascinating insights about network tribalism and how it’s hurting our social connections.

Link to that show: redbeard.am

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Lockdowns: a Blunt Instrument w/ Lots of Collateral Damage

*Links to science 

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Let's review science showing how sugar impacts immune system health

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Link to Live Video and Studies: https://youtu.be/m36Tmi7vG3w

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Dr. Carrie Jones is discusses why a robust Cortisol Awakening Response (in the morning) is helpful and healthy!

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Link to Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3dSbEIR

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Dr. Ted Naiman will help you decide how long and how frequently to fast without losing muscle mass. 

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Jason Fung, MD explains how the short-term increases in hormones benefits you when you fast.

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Links to full video and show notes: http://bit.ly/2q9OxBX



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A few studies have looked at how fasted exercise impacts the reduction of body fat percentage over time. We review the science and discuss some key takeaways.

Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2FobKLC

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Trump has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. We unpack the science and implications for you and your health freedom. 

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Link to slides and video: https://youtu.be/jsZv_xrK5Nc


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Dr. Sam Madeira discusses natural ways to support declining hormone levels in both men and women. It's a great discussion!

Link to video, show notes and more: https://highintensityhealth.com/hormonal-imbalances-in-women-and-men-are-common-but-not-normal/

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Longevity scientist Matt Kaeberlein, PhD, discusses how reversing your biologic age can dramatically reduce your risk of getting sick from respiratory viruses.

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In today's show, Matt explains how targeting the known mechanisms of aging improves immune health and reduces the risk of many common diseases known to shorten a person’s life span.

Research and Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3hX9kAz

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Scripps Research Institute recently found that elevated room temperature reduced the beneficial metabolic effects of calorie restriction by up to 78 percent!

Link to research: https://bit.ly/2ZU7MBc

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The West Coast of the USA simultaneously catches on fire! WTH?

Fauci quietly endorses vitamin D and Vitamin C saying they can help the immune system.

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Link to notes https://youtu.be/g9rGOLurgmY

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Let's review new science about muscle loss, muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and resistance training training.

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Link to research and video: https://youtu.be/7oKCQbINWgI

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