High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Patricia is a mother, practicing nutritionists, cancer survivor and advocate for the ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

We discuss her journey of overcoming metastatic eye cancer.

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Here’s a few key time stamps:

05:56 It’s Not Just About the Fuel: Of course a ketogenic diet restricts sugar consumed by the cancer. There are other side effects like a reduction in angiogenesis, a major hallmark of cancer. The expanding blood vessels in her eye are no longer visible on scans, the tumor in the optic nerve is gone without leaving scar tissue and damage done by the traditional therapies have healed as well.

11:42 Insulinogenic Properties of Proteins:

17:06 Meal Frequency: Patricia was a grazer, but shifted to 3 meals. After this, she shifted to intermittent fasting. Her fasting window is generally

16 to 18 hours.

24:39 Carbs and Performance:

31:19 Menstrual Cycle and Keto-Adaptation: P

36:25 Tracking Sleep:

41:30 Tracking Ketones: TKI (glucose/ketone index) is comprised of glucose divided by ketones. When you are ketogenic for therapeutic reasons, you should ideally 2 or 1 and under. She finds that stress and sleep have a larger impact upon glucose levels than food.

43:06 The Power of Community: Community cancels out a lot of the negative effects of poor diet and lifestyle. Find your tribe. 4

5:20 Exogenous Ketones:

48:14 Ketosis Impact upon Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy:

54:05 Ketogenic Diet, Another Tool in the Toolbox:

58:46 Patricia’s Favorite Herb or Botanical: B vitamins are her choice, since it is a personal struggle of hers. It would keep the energy up.

59:49 Patricia’s Morning Routine: Her kids are the focus of her morning. She does not look at her phone. After taking her children to school, she walks, listens to podcasts and does Tibetan yoga. At work, she tries to eat at about 11 or 12.

01:01:29 Patricia’s Elevator Speech: We need more money for research and we need to be faster at implementing the results of research. Focus on the science of the day rather than lobbyists.


Check out the show notes: http://highintensityhealth.com/207


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