High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Weight lifting and crossfit may conjure up images of grunting and big muscles.

That’s because we don’t often think about the longevity and anti-aging properties associated with weight lifting …

Or how weight lifting can increase psychological resilience and transform the timid into the confident.

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And when it comes to long-term fat loss, weight lifting is possibly the most effective modality one can embrace.

Sought-after naturopathic doctor and avid strength athlete Dr. Amanda Milliquet discusses all this and more.

She shares the science of muscles and movement and tells a few transformation stories about how barbells shifted the once-shy into strong beings—in and out of the gym.

You might like these key takeaways:

11:22 Strengthening the rhomboids: Stretching the major and the minor pectoral muscles is the first step
14:43 Sleeping: Turn off your screens at least one hour before bed
18:00 Foam rolling: Dr. Milliquet finds foam rolling to be very valuable. Cushy rollers are not helpful—if you’re not in pain, you’re not doing much.
19:06 Decreasing inflammation: Taking fish oil supplements and eating a healthy diet help fight inflammation. Happiness is a huge part of health.
21:20 Crossfit carry-over
25:02 Fat loss: If you want to lose weight, you need to lift heavy weights
28:36 Deadlifts: Use your hamstrings for deadlifts. Romanian deadlifts are good. For engaging the glutes, the Russian kettlebell swing is best.
37:05 Muscle-building tips for women: Push yourself to the limit. Create muscle fiber damage, so it comes back stronger. Make sure that you are eating enough protein.
38:46 Dr. Milliquet’s favorite nutrient: German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) is her favorite herb. It’s a calming tea.
39:48 Dr. Milliquet’s morning routine
45:15 Dr. Milliquet’s elevator pitch

Watch the interview and read the full show notes: http://highintensityhealth.com/184


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