High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

As a licensed naturopathic physician and avid strength athlete, Dr. Kinnon has a unique approach to health and wellness.

She’s a record holder in the Snatch, an olympic weightlifting exercise and has a thriving practice in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Here are a few key takeaways from this interview: 

02:16 Adrenal Fatigue:
05:17 Over Exercise/Training:
07:53 Adrenal Repair:
11:00 Hormone Orchestra:
14:24 Supplementing Men’s Hormones:
15:11 Adrenal Recovery:
18:43 Balancing Circadian Rhythms:
20:01 Creating Boundaries:
22:06 Adrenal Fatigue and Losing Weight:
23:25 Strength Training and Chronic Cardio:
26:39 Exercise and Ageing:
29:10 Effective Herbs for Adrenal Health:
31:26 The Role of Mindset in Fitness:
34:20 Dr. Kinnon’s Favorite Supplement, Herb or Botanical:
35:39 Dr. Kinnon’s Morning Routine:
40:15 Dr. Kinnon’s Top Health Tip

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