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“Sugar shrinks the brain … and I see ketogenic diets actually increase brain volume and changes in brain signaling,” says Jan Venter, MD.

Dr. Venter is the go-to physician for Vancouver, BC’s top CEOs and high performers.

Over the last 13 years, he has run thousands of brain maps (quantitative EEGs) and uses the principles of functional medicine to optimize cognition in his clients.

Here are a few of his best tips for boosting brain health: http://highintensityhealth.com/158

Another big part of Dr. Venter’s practice is helping folks heal after a head injury—from, say, a fall or a car accident.

He discusses how neurofeedback, nutrition and hormone balance are key to restoring brain health after trauma and to slowing down age-related cognitive decline.

We also talk about how to get into a state of flow to boost a plethora of neurochemicals that can help reverse brain fog and help you perform at a high level.

Get your pen and paper out as this one is loaded with nuggets.

04:39 Using Neurofeedback and Quantitative EEG
08:34 DIY Neurofeedback Devices
21:18 The State of Flow and Brain Health
33:42 Hormones, Supplementation and Cognition
39:35 Ketogenic Diet and the Brain
Hope you enjoy!
P.S. Learn how eating a high-fat diet and being a state of flow can boost your mental performance http://highintensityhealth.com/158


P.P.S. Watch the video interview https://youtu.be/oGCjUZ44MRk?list=PL0ovt_TbvVmYvrI48Tzs1vhe4o2eUn8qU

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