High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

We catch up with Dr. Deb Heald to discuss histamine, allergies and gut health.

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Do red wine, fish, cheese, or leftover and fermented foods bother you?

It could be the histamine, she says.

She talks about how histamine in foods triggers leaky gut and can make us more sensitive to seemingly healthy foods like nuts, seeds and certain vegetables.

Deb and I also took a deep dive into the topics of interval training and stress reduction.

At 55, Deb has a morning routine of intense intervals, which she says helps keep her brain sharp and her energy high. 
We also chatted about stress reduction and the best ways to overcome “perceived stress.”

Many of Deb’s patients were affected financially by the oil and gas market crash in Alberta, Canada-- which continues to cause a lot of worry among many.  

She reveals top tips and workarounds to help overcome  uncertainty.

Here are a few key timestamps:

05:26 Implementing Meditation
09:29 Interval Training at 55 Years Old
19:19 Gut Immune Response
23:03 Zonulin and Intestinal Permeability
23:53 Other Antinutrients in Food
26:02 Histamine Enzymes
41:57 Dr. Heald’s Morning Routine

Hope you enjoy,

P.S. Do you get seasick easily,  feel lousy after eating cheese, chocolate, and seafood or suffer from fertility issues? It could be histamine, learn more: http://bit.ly/2c7ELbZ


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