High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Danielle Pashko is a New York City based Wellness practitioner with almost two decades of experience. She is a holistic nutritionist, certified yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, fashion model, thyroid cancer survivor and author of "Smile At Your Challenges".

In this episode we discuss:

How Sumo wrestlers maintain their weight by not snacking and only eating 1 or 2 very big meals (lunch and/or dinner) per day. Sumo wrestlers also drink a lot of beer and wine.

Our Struggle with Cellulite:  It is easier to prevent cellulite than to get rid of it. Cellulite can be genetic; however, it can be caused by poor quality foods and toxins.

And they exercise. This hits home for a lot of us.  To keep our metabolism going, we need to eat throughout the day. Lean children eat small meals and small snacks and keep active throughout the day.

Orthorexia, the Obsession with Being Healthy: Being so rigid and demanding negates many of the benefits of the healthy lifestyle. It corrupts our mindset, bringing it out of balance. You need to be healthy and have healthy habits, but you need to be able to live and be happy and have your soul fulfilled.

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