High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Dr. Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis discusses:


What SIBO actually is

Common causes of SIBO

The medications that can trigger SIBO and how

Findings that many clinicians overlook in patients with SIBO

How to best test for SIBO

The science of bariatric surgery and berberine

When to choose antibiotics vs. herbs and botanicals when treating SIBO

Key dietary changes that individuals with SIBO should make

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Drawing from nearly two decades of experience as a specialist in functional medicine and intestinal health, Raphael Kellman, MD, has developed the first diet based upon on these scientific breakthroughs. The Microbiome Diet offers an effective three-phase plan to heal your gut, reset your metabolism, and achieve dramatic, sustainable weight loss. The Microbiome Diet will help you...

Reset your metabolism

Free yourself from food cravings and uncontrollable appetite

Incorporate prebiotics, probiotics, and healing foods into every meal

Lose weight—and keep it off—with a nonrestrictive life plan

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