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In this show, Daniel Winkler is a world renowned-mushroom expert and has published several field guides to help us better identify edible and medicinal mushrooms.

We discuss how mushrooms influence our immune system and offer key micronutrients essential to long-term health.

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Key Takeaways:

02:20 Mushrooms are seasonal, so your time to educate yourself on identifying mushrooms is very short.
03:10 Get to know the mushrooms that you want to use. Know any dangerous look-alikes.
11:10 The fruiting body of a mushroom is 90% water.
12:07 Mushrooms do not have a stomach. They are a mass of connected fine threads, a mesh. This forms a web called the mycelium.
12:33 Mushroom Sex: The part of the mushroom above ground is the reproductive organ of the mushroom.
14:23 The dried mushroom fruiting body is about 30% protein.
15:05 Mushrooms have powerful immune systems.
15:30 Mushrooms are also antibacterial and antiviral.
15:41 Medicinal mushrooms are those varieties with the most powerful immune systems. Examples are cordyceps, reishi and ganoderma.
17:21 Mushroom skin is made of the polysaccharide, chitin, like insects.
18:45 All vitamins can be found in mushrooms.
24:39 Smell and taste your mushrooms. Only swallow mushrooms that you know are edible and can be eaten raw.
25:48 In general, all mushrooms should be cooked.
26:54 Dry Frying: Fresh wet mushrooms can start cooking without oil.
30:13 Some mushrooms serve as an extension of the roots of a tree. Many trees take up to 90% of their water through the mushroom. The tree can return up to 60% of their sugars to the mushroom.
33:51 Mushrooms, lichens, eat rocks.
45:40 You can probably spread/seed mushrooms in your own yard in proper habitat by placing parts/pieces of fresh mushroom fruiting body.
50:44 Cordyceps grows a fruiting body out of a LIVE insect, taking over the insect’s movement with mycelium (like a puppet master), directing it into a place where it is optimal to spread its spores.
52:48 The drug Cyclosporine is made from a variety of cordyceps soil fungus. It suppresses your immune system, which is necessary for organ transplantation.
53:50 Other cordyceps support your immune system.
56:35 Some research shows that cordycepin stops cancer cell reproduction. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.
58:45 Mushrooms manage the echo system with what appears to be wisdom and planning.
01:06:20 Harvesting/using magic mushrooms is against the law. It is good to know how to identify them.
01:15:52 Lion’s Mane has been shown to help nerve cell regeneration and increases in memory of 10 to 15% in elderly people, and possibly impacts Parkinson’s symptoms.
01:23:18 Daniel believes that psychedelic mushrooms are less addictive than TV.
01:23:51 Psychedelics are showing use with alcoholism, drug addiction, PTSD and serious depression.
01:26:15 Psychedelics could be a trigger for people with the genetic predisposition of psychosis.

Check out the show notes: https://highintensityhealth.com/251

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