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One of Chicago’s top trainers, Jen Bruno, adds more clarity to this ongoing narrative about what’ the best exercise for long-term fat loss.

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Cardio equipment is alluring to many of us because it shows how many “calories” we’ve burned. (Measuring calorie burn with accuracy still remains a work in progress, however.)

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When we do squats, pull ups or other resistance-based movements, it’s difficult to quantify how many calories we’ve burned by the end of a workout—was it 150 or 650?

Who knows, and who cares. Burning calories is not the answer to long-term fat loss.

And besides, focusing on calories can often backfire when it comes to nutrition and training. One of Chicago’s top trainers, Jen Bruno, adds more clarity to this conversation.

She’s got great insights into how to stay “fit over 40” and helps people lose fat with minimal tools. (Condo gyms, at home-bodyweight programs and more.)

We discuss more about:

- Avoiding the food reward trap

- How weight training affects hormones

- Lifting weights is cardio

- Intermittent fasting for women


 Check out the show notes: https://highintensityhealth.com/243


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