High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Ed Napper is one of NYC’s top fitness professionals; in this discussion he talks about the metabolic effects of exercise and how folks of all fitness levels can start moving their muscles, boosting their metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

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Key Takeaways:

02:03 Personalizing exercise for diabetics/metabolic disease
03:55 Your body needs stimulation that is specific, science based and directed to get the results you desire.
04:55 Building Strength and Losing Fat: If you can't handle your own body weight, don't add external weights.
08:37 Focus upon movements that transfer into real life.
14:49 We need to do more pullups.
17:57 Your body is an integrated tool
19:19 How much resistance training? How much aerobics? Be specific and focus on reinforcing your daily activities. Cardio at the appropriate time and percentage does not take away from your strength gains.
24:02 Address endocrine imbalances before embarking upon resistance training. Weight lifting, done correctly, will have a positive impact upon hormones.
25:50 Sleep is a primary problem solver.
28:53 Building muscle: Duration doesn't equal benefit.
31:43: It isn't just about the training. It is also about the steps you take to keep the training beneficial.
32:26 Ed's dietary philosophy
39:44 The gym is only a small part of fixing the problem. It has to be a 360 approach to optimize the individual. There is a big difference between normal and optimal.

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