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Gas, bloating and brain fog after meals is no fun for anyone.
Less GI distress is a side benefit that’s been reported by many keto dieters after they reduced carbohydrate intake.

(And since many health problems start in the gut, this is, well, a pretty attractive aspect of the ketogenic diet.)

Today’s expert explains how it all works: pathogenic gut bacteria and yeast thrive on easy-to-digest, high-glycemic carbs.

Drop the carbs, the bugs have nothing to eat … so the gas and bloating often go away.

Grace Liu, PharmD, discusses how you can further bolster your digestion and gut health with polyphenols, probiotics and getting to know all about your poop habits.

She also dives into sex hormone and adrenal balancing tips—this is a good one.


Key Timestamps:

02:02 High levels of LPS/Lipopolysaccharide in the blood correlate with many diseases.
03:20 Probiotics have a killing effect upon LPS. Dr Liu has a probiotic which contains anti-parasitic, anti-pathogenic and anti-fungal effects.
03:56 The LPS from enterobacter and gammaproteobacteria are 10,000 fold more pro-inflammatory than our good gut flora.
05:26 There is also a beneficial form of E.coli, which is a probiotic.
08:57 Some gene mutations influence gut bacteria.
13:34 Dr. Liu uses 23 and Me for genetic testing and then uses Sterling Hill’s Sterling’s App, which segments different categories of health and what the mutations are.
15:07 SIBO/small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can be triggered in infancy.
16:25 Antibiotics cause fungal/yeast overgrowth in our guts..
16:53 To make permanent changes in your gut, you need to change the terrain.
17:29 The ABC bacterium are an anchor: akkermansia, bifidobacterium longum, and clostridiales bacterium. Centenarians have these.
18:04 Anything bitter and barky feeds our gut flora.
19:02 Dr. Liu’s SIBO protocols are very low dose and combined with antifungals, and possibly anti-viral for those with autoimmunity.
20:25 Bifidobacterium longum has a monosaccharide shunt. It turns fructose into EPS/exopolysaccharide as a special food for the rest of your gut flora.
24:38 We should strive to have the digestion of our ancestors.
27:11 Moms with celiac have children with celiac. Their breastmilk is devoid of bifidobacterium longum and there is no diversity in lactobacilli.
29:59 Glyphosate is an oxalate. At a cellular level when they crystalize they damage mitochondria, organelles, and soft tissue.
34:47 Our female ancestors were foragers and ate frequently, receiving at glycolic effect from the environment.
36:25 Everyone should do hormone blood testing.
37:16 The Schwarzbein Principle by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein has been used by Dr. Liu to help heal her own metabolism.
38:20 Fertility Physics
39:33 High Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) blocks thyroid hormone, testosterone and progesterone receptors.
42:14 Synthetic emulsifiers in supplements, and now in some coconut oil, damage your microvilli.
43:35 The Bristol stool chart: Many conditions, like cancer and autoimmune disease, correlate to our stool pattern.
45:45 Dr. Liu uses a dashboard called Heads Up Health with her clients.
48:26 Dr. Liu’s Desert Island Nutrient: Her choice is thuja, a coniferous tree from the cypress family.
50:41 Dr. Liu’s Elevator Pitch: Put gardens in all elementary schools.

Watch the interview: https://highintensityhealth.com/218


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