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Today’s guest, athlete and muscle-health expert Gabrielle Lyon, DO, will add more substance and context to this narrative about muscle.

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Gabrielle discusses how muscle is the body’s largest site for fatty acid oxidation (aka fat burning) and glucose disposal.

(This is why bodybuilders can enjoy high-carb diets and still be lean.)

Muscle is dubbed the organ of longevity for a reason—without it, you’re not burning much fat for fuel and are likely not aging well.

This chat may help to clarify a few aspects about muscle, including:

- Combating age-related muscle loss (aka anabolic resistance)
- Intake of and types of protein to help build muscle and burn fat
- Understanding mTOR and muscle growth (and potential links to cancer)

Here are the key takeaways:

00:48 Muscle is the organ of longevity. The only way to keep muscle healthy is to lift weights.
01:51 Dr. Lyon’s focus is on muscle health, muscle protein synthesis, and optimizing body composition.
02:18 Ageing and Muscle Protein Synthesis: There are only two ways to stimulate muscle protein synthesis: exercise or diet.
02:43 You need the right amount of protein intake at the right times in the right amount to stimulate the lock and key effect.
03:12 Anabolic Resistance: mTOR is stimulated by leucine, an anabolic protein that is the driver for muscle health. It allows muscle to turn over and to be synthesized.
04:06 Muscle is an organ like the heart. It is the largest unit for glucose disposal and the largest site for fat oxidation.
04:26 Eat More Protein. As age, we need to eat more protein at once. We need around 50 grams at one time.
05:10 Anabolic Resistance: It is on the trajectory of sarcopenia and cachexia.
05:40 Quality of Protein Dictates Quality of Your Health
07:12 Animal-Based Proteins vs Plant-Based Proteins: It is based upon the amount of leucine. Vegan proteins are low in leucine.
08:19 Benefits of Methionine/Protein Restriction
10:50 Increase Protein on Rest Days, NOT Training Days
12:25 Optimal Range of Protein: Everyone should be consuming at least 30 grams of high quality protein 3 times each day for minimal stimulation.
14:55 Time Restricted Feeding/Intermittent Fasting: If you are doing a water only fast, your first meal should have about 50 grams of protein to feed your muscle.
16:47 Train in the Morning
17:21 Optimal Meal Timing
18:30 Post Workout Protein and Insulin Spikes: Protein spikes insulin only as a phase one reaction to get the branch chain amino acids into the cell..
21:25 Protein Causes Cancer?
24:40 What We Think about Protein is Wrong: You should be eating about 150 grams of protein a day. It is protective. Humans used to be more active and stimulating our muscles. The more sedentary you are the more protein you need.
25:30 Get the Dose Right
27:01 Protein and Your Kidneys and Bones
27:46 Train Your Body to be a Little Hungry
29:16 What You Should Know about the Amino Acids: If you get the muscle protein right, with enough to feed a muscle, then you get enough arginine for NO2, enough creatine, enough taurine, and enough methionine.
33:00 What about the Liver? Unless someone has cirrhosis, Dr. Lyon does not worry about protein.
35:22 Bone Broth is Not a Protein
36:39 Cooked vs Raw Branch Chain Aminos: Cooking methods do not make a difference in changing protein digestibility.
38:10 Dr. Lyon’s Favorite Exercise
38:26 Dr. Lyon’s Desert Island Herb
39:35 Dr. Lyon’s Morning Routine: She journals her thoughts, intensions and gratitude. In the morning she journals about how her day went to program her day.
40:48 Dr. Lyon’s Elevator Pitch: Everything we know about protein is wrong. You need at least 30 to 50 grams of high quality protein 3 times a day. It will protect you for life.

Check out the show notes: http://highintensityhealth.com/201 

Want coaching? Check out our Inner Circle: http://highintensityhealth.com/insider

P.S. Learn the nutrition tips and tactics to help build and maintain muscle for optimal fat loss and longevity.


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