High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Dr. Tyna Moore discusses how PRP therapy works, the best ways to ensure you get the maximal results from the treatment, and how to vet a practitioner who offers the therapy.

We demonstrate the procedure here: http://bit.ly/2uyjL8A

Achy joints and lingering injuries are no fun for anyone. 

I know firsthand how this feels as I had a lingering biceps tendon pain that slowed me down for the better part of two years. 

But after just two treatments of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), I’m pain-free and back to 100% functionality. 

(The treatment also slowed down familial male-pattern baldness—which we demonstrate in this video.) 

After sharing my experience and outcomes with friends and family, I realized not many have heard of PRP or know how it works. 

So, we filmed the last session, which I thought you would enjoy: http://bit.ly/2uyjL8A


If you or someone you know has lingering joint pain, be sure to check out these key takeaways: 

00:50 How PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Works 
01:25 Trauma as Therapy 
02:31 Ice and NSAIDS: These shut off the healing cascade 
16:01 Arthritis Is an Inflammatory Metabolic Condition of the Joint 
19:34 The Efficacy of Cortisone and Surgery 
28:44 VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) in PRP 
29:54 Smokers Don’t Heal? 
35:11 Hair Loss in Men and Women 
37:25 Limit PRP Regions for a Single Treatment
Hope you enjoy, 
P.S. Learn how PRP can be used to heal lingering injuries and slow down hair loss http://bit.ly/2uyjL8A

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