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Lately, we’ve been hearing more about the benefits of a high-fat diet, which seems to fly in the face of conventional thinking that “low fat is healthy.”

But fat is not the only nutrient that’s being vindicated; salt is following fat’s trajectory.

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Even though humans have been using salt to preserve foods for thousands of years, mainstream medical and dietetics professionals want you to avoid it.

The thinking goes that too much salt raises your blood pressure and leads to cardiovascular complications.

But, sought-after cardiovascular scientist and researcher Dr. James DiNicolantonio may set the record straight on salt.

He discusses how the nutrient gets widely depleted from alcohol and coffee consumption, and even healthy activities like exercise and sauna use.

He also explains how salt can be used pre-workout to boost exercise performance!

Here is a summary of his key tips on salt:

04:48 Losing Minerals in Sweat
07:42 Problems with a Low-Salt Diet
10:05 Symptoms of a Salt Deficiency:
11:49 Blood Markers of a Low-Salt Diet
22:47 Salt and Athletic Performance
35:16 Resistant Starch and Weight Gain

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P.S. Learn how you can boost energy and enhance workout performance with salt.

Here's the show notes: http://highintensityhealth.com/193

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/eTr3S2Bqlow?list=PL0ovt_TbvVmYvrI48Tzs1vhe4o2eUn8qU

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