High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Dr. Amy Myers stopped by to give a standout talk on women, autoimmunity and thyroid dysfunction.
We discuss why thyroid problems are so common in women and the most effect natural solutions to help optimize thyroid function.
Amy is a true artist of explanation and analogy. I really think you’re going to dig this one.
Click here to watch/listen to when you get a chance: http://bit.ly/2dujwVD

Here are a few key time stamps:
02:15 Iodine and Thyroid Health: fact or fiction?
09:00 How Stress Affect Thyroid Hormone Function
12:15 The Web of Autoimmune Disease and Thyroid Function
23:00 Advanced Thyroid Testing
27:00 Supporting Thyroid Health w/ Medications and Supplements
You can also read the full interview transcript: http://bit.ly/2dujwVD

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