High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Dr. Deanna and I discuss common questions and health goals when it comes to building muscle. Why should I build muscle? What sets, reps and programs are best? What if I just want to be toned, I don’t want to get bulky?

We address these and many more tips, especially about how muscle building balances hormones. 

Here’s a few key timestamps:

02:35 The Healthiest Way to Look Ripped
03:45  No Such Thing as Toned Muscle:
04:28 Training a Different Muscle Type for Low Body Fat:

04:58 Chronic Cardio and Muscle Loss:
07:09 Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone
10:58 The Workout for Rookies:
12:47 Deloading and Switching it Up:
14:09 Workout Duration and Rest Periods:

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