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Are you eating a gluten-free diet but still not feeling 100%?

Gluten expert Dr. Peter Osborne explains why.

Gluten-free labeling only applies to alpha-gliadin; other wheat-free grains have gluten proteins that create inflammation in the body, he says.

So the real solution to help heal your gut and curb the inflammatory response in your body is to go grain free.

Here’s another reason: gluten-free grains (rice and corn) are a source of highly concentrated mycotoxins (toxic chemical products produced by fungi that colonize crops).

Even worse, grains are sprayed with atrazine. Atrazine is one of the most toxic and widely used herbicides.

Atrazine accumulates in rice and sorghum, two common wheat-free alternatives found in gluten-free foods.

Here are a few interrelated tips offered by Dr. Osborne:

01:11 The Link Between Grain Consumption and Pain

05:16 Gluten Is in More Than Just Wheat

14:05 Hidden Sources of Gluten

18:47 Why Gluten Sensitivity Is More Prevalent Today

36:02 The Grain-Depression Cycle

38:41 The Grainbesity Cycle


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